Feel The Bern (of your retinas)


LOL that fat load huffing and puffing his way through a Heil Bernie. BERNIE SANDERS IS LITERALLY THE NEXT HITLER.



  1. Obviously, the people in this photo aren’t in charge of anything. They look physically and mentally retarded.

    Not the kind of people given to steganography, product placement, topical relevance, etc.

    But still, the kind of people who know intuitively or by experience that Leftism = Failure = Death.

    Fertile mental ground, this spring, for planting seeds of hope for Trump…


    1. They look physically and mentally retarded
      Nice catch. One of them’s even wearing a dunce cap. Since Hillary’s got all the dead voters, Bernieberg has to settle for the braindead.


  2. Some of them aren’t going to like Bernie’s mandated max of 2550 calories per comrade per day. But the bright side is that the food redistribution program will be targeted at equable portions for all Americans.


  3. Nobody in that crowd should reproduce. Physically and aesthetically, a very disgusting lot. I imagine the brain power is not too stellar, either. Even if it were, it would not balance out the serious physical defects (overweight, diseased, deformed, weak, and/or handicapped). Sadly, some still manage to reproduce and spread their defects to yet another generation. A significant problem with the modern world, preventing Nature from doing what she does best.


  4. The hottest girls I know support Trump. It’s amazing. Literally every super hot girl I know–a friend’s wife, my receptionist, a friend–are voting Trump. Beautiful people gravitate to success, beauty, and power. These people are life’s resentful losers, gravitating to ugliness, envy, and resentment.


  5. Your statement on Bernie being the next Hitler is spot on. Take away the new yawk jewish accent and you wouldn’t know the difference. The anger, bluster, incendiary rhetoric ,scapegoating ( in Bernie’s case its billionaires and millionaires instead of jews) is all there and pathetic losers liked this bunch pictured eat it up like twinkies


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