Attention whoring is her bread and cutter


jamesd127 comments,

No one ever heard of women cutting themselves before female emancipation got carried to such ridiculous extremes.

Think how much more contented she would be, how at peace she would be, if those were her owner’s whip marks.

😛 It would certainly be more dignified.


  1. If Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes cereal had a crazy sluty sister, she would be her. She’s flaky,striped and full of nuts.


  2. No one ever heard of women cutting themselves before female emancipation got carried to such ridiculous extremes.

    Think how much more contented she would be, how at peace she would be, if those were her owners whip marks.

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  3. Raped at 16, but cutting before then. Mental case from a destructive family society plus who knows what else. Public school “inner city” probability, 99%. And yes, attention is what she seeks, (from BS “unmet childhood needs” she didn’t know even existed until some gov. ad campaign informed her what a horrible childhood she had, same fucking ad campaign she was taught about cutting!). Attention seeking? Yes. Who, after attempting “suicide” 30 to 40 times and failing, isn’t just seeking attention? Her therapist is probably just as tired of her as her family and recommended she use Facebook for her next version of attention-seeking “self-harm”. This version, along with all the others, “she” believes makes her holier than thou. Hope her multiple therapists made a killing off of her otherwise worthless ass — cause they have really taught her how to block the shame!!!

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  4. Good Lord.

    Can anyone can look at this and deny that war is being waged on your children?

    Can anyone ID the concert T?


  5. And I thought tattoos were self-mutilation…

    In a sane society, she would be locked away. And sterilized. And lobotomized.


  6. Have to add one more thought. People often say National Socialist Germany was a sick or horrible system. But this girl, that other girl who blinded herself a while back b/c she “identified” as blind…and many, many more twisted sisters we have in our country today- compare them to the happy (at least before the war) and healthy women of the Germany of the 1930’s.

    Which society is healthy, which one sick?

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    1. National Socialism treated Non-Nordics badly, sometimes very badly indeed, but it was something like a New Deal that actually worked for the average ethnic German, up until the war. It’s really no wonder it was so popular, after the decadent clownshow of Weimar (which this chick would have been perfect for…). Like Communism, it was a deeply flawed system that had some genuine accomplishments.

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  7. Similar to a bulimic, she’s mentally ill and needs what used to be called an intervention — the ‘Good-bye America’ angle here is that needed interventions are practically taboo nowadays.


  8. It’s called Borderline Personality Disorder. Basically an untreatable, serious form of serious mental illness that destroys everyone in its path. That said, she probably fucks like a banshee.


  9. Today (March 8) is the International Day of the Woman (according to the Huffington Post). This creature should be Exhibit A why the program might not be working out all that well.


  10. My ex revealed she was a cutter pretty early on, and I foolishly ignored that red flag, b/c she was cute, horny, and good in bed. NEVER ignore that red flag. You’ll end up with her trying to convince you to beat up
    her new boyfriend, while her parents are there and threatening to call the cops on you, when you haven’t so much as raised your voice. Seriously, people who work will take a razor to themselves are crazy. I accidentally cut myself with a Chinese broadsword once or twice, but that’s different. Stay away from cutters boyos.


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