1. There’s a White guy next to his table, yet Mr. Big Tough Nigger (don’t blame me – it’s on his drivers license) is just sitting on his ass, not killing him, or even trying to. WTF, Nigger?

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  2. tsk-tsk such cultural appropriation- using the White invented chair, architecture, electricity, utensils, even the damn t-shirt.


  3. Personally, I prefer my Black radicals like this guy – he openly hates people like me, and I’m not wild about people like him. We can lay our cards on the table, and good fences make good neighbors, there’s no possible reason why we should impinge on each other’s worlds at all. It’s superficially “reasonable” blacks like Obama and Ta-Nehesi Coates that are the really dangerous ones, who want to keep the leeching and guilt going, “reparations” into eternity. If you want a vision of their preferred future, imaging a white hand, writing out a huge check and a craven apology, forever. Give me “separatists” like Farrakhan and Jacob Zuma any day.

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    1. Excellent points. The best scenario is for the races to openly acknowledge that they don’t like each other and then work out – by force or otherwise – a way of having their own space. Honesty is the first step in any solution to the problem.


      1. I agree. The problem is that after only a few years of separation, the difference in levels of civilization will become apparent–sort of like Ghana next to Switzerland. At that point even the Farrakhans will be back to demanding some type of transfer payments. Good oceans and high mountain ranges make good neighbors between whites and blacks.


  4. Errors of logic: as a black person, white people have treated me badly; therefore all whites are bad. As a white person, I was mugged by a black person, therefore all blacks are bad.

    Conclusion: black is bad. white is bad.


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