The Conde Nasty Life



  1. Dindu nuffin smiling like he won the lottery;that’s genuine happiness on his face at snagging an old white lady to give him a halfrican. Post-wall mudhen is all smuggy fuck-you-dad this is what I always wanted; she spends alot of time rationalizing the superiority of shitting in a trench over indoor plumbing.


    1. I love it. The 1st world already sends its discarded old rags and cars and stuff to Africa to reuse and recycle. A perfect opportunity to dispose of our post-wall used-up old skanks. Perhaps a win-win?

      I see a Nobel Peace prize in it.


  2. I’ve never seen a mudshark yet who looked ashamed of what she was doing. Catch a White guy with a negress and he’ll look like you caught him doing something nasty. See a coal-burner with her buck and she will always have this same defiant, smug look on her face. This difference is full of meaning for those who would understand why women need to be given strict boundaries, or they will absolutely pull your tribe apart.

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    1. This is the lady who congratulated herself for sharing a bottle of water with an African child who was being neglected and murdered by his community.

      As much as I love Stefan Molyneux, the look on her face suggests that spanking is insufficient punishment for children.


  3. She does not look happy to me. Those are Wizard of Oz characters on her shin. What could that mean? I suspect she is nuts.


  4. You rayciss laugh now but that little Halfrican can grow up to become the next President of the Jewnited States (with the right coaching and strings pulled, of course)

    Israel #1 for-ever! 1000 Year Zion!


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