Caucusing in the former State of Minnesota




    1. Your comment is very perceptive. There is less and less that binds the United States together. Separation in one form or another has to come, unless energetic measures (mass deportations) are taken now, and I admit they’re unlikely. I just hope that the separation can be peaceful (a high degree of regional autonomy with overall loyalty to the empire–the Austro-Hungarian Empire or Holy Roman Empire might be examples) but I fear the worst.


    2. I agree johnnycatt. Part of the trouble is they started infiltrating the South right after the War with carpetbaggers. They started changing the culture way back then. Now we have public representatives from India and Africa. All that stuff about “the New South” just meant “we have Yankees in charge down here now”.

      We need to break back apart, but a bunch of folks need to be shipped out when we do it. Looks like Minnesota might be just the place for them. :o)


  1. I see photos like this and I can easily imagine these savages are gathering to be led onto buses and airplanes en masse back to Africa.

    It can be done.


  2. It really isn’t the United States any more. Trying to ship them back would ignite civil war. The issue is how best to manage the dissolution.


    1. American Africans won’t riot if we ship back these Somalis. They hate ’em too. (I almost called them “Skinnies”, but looked at the pic again.)


  3. stone-age Somalian Bantus. Dumped on us by Judeo-globalist open-borders billionaires and their puppet politicians. After Leviathan hits the debtberg, it is going to be a target-rich environment


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