1. Good Heavens! That’s delusional!

    Blue hair? Nose ring? Ghastly white complexion? Shocking red lipstick for contrast? And don’t forget about those nails and awful jewellry.

    This cow is deliberately trying to make herself respulsive, and she succeeded. Losing 200 lbs wouldn’t change that.


  2. oh, and check out her website. That’s a testament to the strength of a super rationalization hampster of epic proportions.


    1. Just did. Think I’m gonna be sick. It’s one thing to be like that. It’s another to take some perverse pride in it.


    1. Excuse my pedantry, but than is a preposition (not a conjunction), so me is correct (you wouldn’t say “Give it to I.”) But I wouldn’t be wrong, because you could say the verb to be is understood, i.e. “You’re thinner than I (am)”, and in that case than is a conjunction.


  3. You silly cucks, everyone knows mate fitness is not a naturally selected genetic trait.

    In a real state of nature, Jabba the Hutt rules with a lard fist.


  4. Actually, without even shedding a pound, she could help herself by growing her hair out, having the hair a natural color, lose the nose ring, and most of all, change the pissed-off look she wears around on her face.

    She still wouldn’t be GoodbyAmerica’s dream date, but it would be an improvement.

    {ed: no. when a woman is grossly obese like this land whale is, no amount of superficial changes will make her more attractive. blue hair and bull rings will make her even less attractive than she already is, but ditching those accouterments won’t make her more attractive. lose the weight, and she will vault from a 0 to a normal looking woman. then she can bump herself up a half point by fixing her clothes and hair.}


    1. Note that I didn’t use the word “attractive”. I said she could help herself. The things she has taken the trouble to do- dye her hair, buy a nose ring, etc.- those were deliberate choices that actually serve to draw attention to her. But they only accentuate her unpleasant (judging by appearances) persona.

      I’ve known plump people of both sexes who were likeable; they had good personalities. It actually makes up for many a flaw. As I said, she is never going to be your dream date; but she could still present a more pleasing overall package with a change from what is probably at root a very sour feminist attitude.


      1. True enough. A shitty attitude can mess up even a very attractive woman – when it comes to something like that…


  5. “Flight” of the fat girl? WTF? How the fuck is something like that going to get airborne? 4 cargo copters working in tandem?


  6. You have your choice between that natural redheaded, female endomorph who refuses to be tamed and bred or the athletic, bear mesomorph guy who wants to be mounted. Odious decisions!


  7. You guys are all shallow assholes Who naturally overlooked the most important aspect of this woman. Don’t you understand that when a person — man or woman — wears dark, heavy rimmed glasses that they are deep thinking, sensitive people possessing more moral worth than the average crass consumer?


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