1. Correct, but it is a “fake” that tells more of the truth than the real picture did. Great job on what should be the meme du jour.

      Her smug face was really asking for it, btw.

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    1. Yeah, her face is just nakedly unveiled! Brazen lil’ hussy, with a lot to learn about her new Muslim friends and neighbors.


  1. Even if the original was saying refugees ( not rapists) , she still prefers the enemy to the men of her own nation and of her own race.

    She is a traitor.

    Traitors are often hanged or executed by firing squads.

    She is lucky, the white men she hates so much are too civilized to punish her for being a traitor.

    I hope she gets raped multiple times, that she gets beaten up by those refugees she likes so much and that she dies from her injuries.

    She is a piece of sh*t.

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    1. No, she is a woman — that “traitorous” behavior is woman, but we treat our women as though they have the faculties to value honor and country. They don’t. They value power.


      1. I know women have no loyalty, it is in their DNA, they go with the winner of the battle, the conquerors, the invaders, but now with women’s lib, they demand to be treated as equal, so the punishment should also be equal.


  2. You can see by the identical-in-every-way letters that this was photoshopped, although I have little doubt that the original word was something similarly offensive to good sense.


  3. A truly tragic story here:


    A poor young boy left to the devices of the narcissistic single mom who bore him. With no strong, masculine figure to emulate, the kid never had a chance. He got beaten up in school daily until the age of 15 or so, when mommy decided to take him out. Shortly thereafter, he decided he was he was better off a woman and mommy was all too happy to spring for the hormones and parade her new “daughter” around for media attention.

    We all know what’s likely coming after this – a trip to the mutilation clinic and the next stop some time after that is an hero.


  4. The thing I despise the most about cultural Marxist brainwashing is the smug ‘holier than thou’ attitude. They think they are so intelligent and progressive and yet never figure out that they have been thinking someone else’s thoughts. The only time such a notion might occur to them is when they are being raped by one of their pets, and even then the epiphany is sporadic.

    Creepy stuff indeed.


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