1. To paraphrase the two black garbage men from the 1980’s movie “Better Off Dead”,

    “Mmm…mmm, now that’s a shame – somebody be throwin’ away a perfectly good white chick…”

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    1. What’s unfortunate is that aside from the lip ring and perhaps an excess of make up, she’s actually one hell of looker. I’m sure she’s rotten scum at heart but she sure doesn’t look bad.


      1. Nope…take off all the make-up and I bet a $20 dollar bill she looks like ass. Make-up can do wonders for these pigs


      1. Yep, the upside cross, a symbol so badass and Satanic that . . . it’s carved in the Pope’s throne?

        The upside-down cross is the symbol of St. Peter. Not this faux hardcases would know that, since their entire lives are paper-thin posing.


  2. ”that little girl’s ass was in big big trouble”.
    top kek. I’m guessing Dindu Nuffins doesn’t know what lube is – or why it should be used.
    Just what she deserves. And as someone else noted, that lip ring, that can be painful for a guy.
    Don’t you wanna? No, not with that lip ring in place, take it out first.


    1. The White woman’s womb is the object of this conflict, the demoralization of White men the subject. Those numbers shouldn’t surprise you.

      I’d bet the vast majority of the retweets/likes come from dindus.


  3. Look at the eyes — dull, bovine. Degrading herself gets her the attention she needs to feel like she exists…. for now. 5 years and 20 lbs from now? She’ll be in trouble.

    Fathers, raise your daughters.


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