1. What the hell is the right horn on the left figure? Is it for guys who wear cock rings? Does it represent a retracted foreskin? Is it for hermaphrodites? Purely dafuq.


  2. The funny thing about this, is, wasn’t it the feminists who really got all this type of thing started? And then the trannies took off with it.

    The end result, if this spreads, is that women are going to be uncomfortable using the f-ing restrooms in public places. And they sort of brought it all on themselves.


    1. My loose translation goes “when I make my darling especially happy”. Then the hashtag is in English….otherwise we’d get something like “meinekleinegrossesieg”. The word “sieg” having fallen on particularly hard times here. Jetzt Shoppen is good old Teutonic imperative again: Now Shop(!!!).

      This piece is another little clue about the Big Agenda to wipe out the White Race (especially Germans), and it all goes on with the full participation and consent of those targeted for elimination.

      Whatever happened to “Gott Mit Uns”?


  3. In answer to the fotos of the two contemptible, refugee-loving dhimmi women, one more foto — of Elin Krantz, young Swedish woman raped and murdered by a Somali:


    1. Damn Crackers link is an instructive read. The mom is gung-ho for what we assume is a dindu boyfriend for her daughter. The mom is also excited about the fact the presumed dindu has knocked her daughter up. The dad is the “bad guy”. He be rayciss an sheeeit. The wife now realizes the husband is the bad guy, and the advice maven authoritatively states he’s a bad guy.

      This is a candidate for one of those “women will be the death of the west” posts. Patriarchy and White identity and responsible marriage all mocked and condemned in one neat package.


    2. ”Carolyn Hax”s reply is interesting:
      ”You handle it by admitting your husband is a bad person. Because that’s what his behavior has told you, repeatedly and without apology.


      Now, to be fair, you’re asking us to take your word for it that your husband hates the boyfriend based on race alone; you don’t actually cite an admission of racial bias. So my using his purported racism as the sole basis for a bad-personhood diagnosis would be a leap.

      But looky here at what else we have: “He treats the boyfriend poorly, and talks very badly about him to get others to hate him, too.” Wow. You think he’s a bad person.

      If this isn’t a deal-breaker, then what’s your definition of one?

      Forget “living two lives under one roof,” that’s the least of it. When you stay with someone whose views and behavior you deplore — whose views and behaviors are deplorable — you ultimately endorse those views and behaviors. You’re saying he’s OK by you.

      So of the two lives you refer to, the first is love and acceptance of daughter, boyfriend and coming grandchild, and the entire second one is a moral tar pit.”
      Sounds like she smells a ‘bad boy’ rat in daughter’s new sex toy. Me too.
      Burn the coal, pay the toll, rinse and repeat.


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