1. They really want to wipe us out in the worst way. I think they are beginning to worry and are now stepping up their propaganda. It isn’t going to work.

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  2. So, in the picture with the nude figures (?!!?) to promote language fluency, have they already had sex, or are they just about to? And why is there only one male? Just go ahead and go full-bore and show one light-skinned female figure surrounded by four or five dark ones. You know they’d like to…

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  3. Just wait until your daughter hits high school and gets formally disciplined for racism when some dindu in her class wants to bang her and she says “no”.

    It’s a matter of time.


  4. Are Americans of German extraction made of less cucky stuff than native Germans? We’ll find out.

    Funny, I asked the same thing on social media this morning.

    I wonder if European men need European Americans, many of whom represent more virile pre-war strains, to lead them?

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  5. 100 years ago the average German could kick the Dog-shit out of just about any other “tribe” on the planet… The “Strong Germans” were all killed in WW2… or Migrated before then.. sorry, all that is left is a “legacy” of a proud and dominant German people.. and that “Legacy” has proven to be a “paper tiger.”


  6. Good Lord. Even if both figures were the same race, this wouldn’t exactly be appropriate for an intro level grammar book. The whole thing seems designed to be as offensive as possible, on just about every level, which I’m sure was the case…

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    1. Useless hypocrite SJW weasel words at their worst – “Hate is best answered by love, so let’s get anyone who disagrees with us fired, mobbed, and shouted down”.

      What a swine.

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    2. Pathetic. He offers to lead us to “reason”, then uses the old “no culture is pure” argument, aka “no race is pure”. But you know what? There are many levels of contaminated.

      If you had a canteen of water for survival and learned that it may contain 0.002% urine, would you still drink it? What about 20%? What about 98%? Would it matter? Well, yes, although this cuck in the link would perhaps be troubled that we were interested in relative degrees of purity.

      Then again, *he* might actually prefer the urine…

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      1. “Nothing is pure, so let’s just cut to the chase and drink cyanide” is this guy’s reasoning, more or less. You first, you stupid cucked death-worshipping kraut…

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