1. Not so long ago I read a story about 19th Century naval warfare. When a ship surrendered, the captain struck her colors. The captain of the victorious vessel went aboard the prize; the losing captain offered the victorious one his sword, the victorious captain touched the sword and returned it to the loser. A prize crew was put aboard to take the captured vessel. This incident is more like surrender to pirates, not to honorable opponents. Oh, how I hate the 21st Century!


  2. Not as bad as the Brit sailors Iran took a few years ago where one guy cried after the Iranians took his I-Pod, but pretty damn close. Admiral Stockdale fucking slit his wrists in the Hanoi Hilton to deny those gooks any more opportunities to use him as a prop, this US Navy guy apologizes on Iranian state TV.


  3. I laughed when I saw that.

    Not quite the image the elites want to project, eh?

    Our adversaries aren’t as tough as they want us to think.


  4. Any one who thinks that picture would embarrass BHO doesn’t understand BHO.

    Now, BHO said in his book (which was in print before he became POTUS) that he would stand with his Muslim brothers. So, between some surrendering Americans and their Iranian captors, who would he identify with?

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  5. Iran lets our guys go unharmed while Israel slaughters them (USS Liberty), complete with the strafing of lifeboats. Merchant, you are my greatest ally; Iran is the evil one.


    1. Amasius makes a good point here. 3.5 billion a year in foreign aid to Israel. Year after year. And Obama promised them a raise if they’d stop squawking about the Iran Nuclear deal. Meanwhile our own cities are falling apart.


  6. I love the general point of view of this blog, but you guys missed the (ahem) boat on this one. A US boat was in the territorial waters of another country. The Iranian response was, if anything, quite measured (Dr. Duke made this very point in his podcast of a couple days ago). If you are trying to show that our country has been totally cucked (which of course it has), you should recount the shameful history of “American” politicians scurrying away like the cockroaches they are when approached for help by the true American survivors of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty.


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