1. Trannies are getting lazy. Don’t even bother to shave anymore. That’s when you know that society is hitting the absolute bottom; men that try to mimic modern femininity believe that facial hair doesn’t disqualify you.

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      1. He told the world about it, and was photographed several times looking like a total queer. That’s how the world will remember him.


    1. “He had decided against [supplemental testosterone] because of potential side effects (including infertility)”
      He doesn’t need fertility now. If he and his wife both quit abusing their bodies and made kids of their own, their cuckkids would scream Rayciss!


  2. A disgusting spectacle of one of today’s denizens of Sodom and Gomorrah who would be publicly shamed in a sane society – not to punish him for his sickness but to show him it is wrong to expose his sickness so proudly and express a lack of shame. In a sane and healthy society people like this hid their fetishes and performed normal productive jobs in society while the community was not forced to endure their personal peccadillos in their bedrooms or private clubs where stuff like this freak of nature would be paraded around for money.
    Tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society, and tolerance is a virtue of a man without any convictions. Both quotes of greater people than myself, but they struck me.


  3. After having the above ugly-ass picture greet me every time I check out the blog for the last two days, I begin to think maybe ISIS has the best plan going forward:

    1. Burn Everything that will Burn
    2. Blow the Rest Up
    3. Kill Everybody


  4. Today on iSteve there is a reposted New York Times story about how young white Americans are killing themselves in greater numbers through drug overdoses. In general, I think that is a bad thing. In this case, however, . . .


  5. Can we update the main page already??? I get it, but I’m tired of looking at this disgusting faggot everytime I come back to this site. Fucking heinous.


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