1. I never thought he was “crazy” — extreme and murderous, but not crazy.

        But as I sometimes say nowadays: I understand better why, after the French Revolution, they brought out the guillotine…


      2. Brevik was not crazy. He was going sane in a crazy world. Eyes wide open.

        Where are the mud-slime children being taught Christianity???!!! Of course, nowhere to be seen, as their parents (and teachers) are proud.


    1. That’s why, at this point, Western Europe deserves conquest. Only Russia and Eastern Europe are actually proud of their people and culture and heritage and are willing to fight this.


  1. A picture to warm the heart of even the most hardened decapitator. “Allah willing, we shall conquer their countries”.

    Enemies at the gate; traitors within.


  2. I suppose if little Sven said no, I’m not going to stick my ass in the air and worship your stupid moon god, he’d be sent home with a note laced with SJW threats of all sort.


  3. This is the most viscerally awful thing ever posted on this site. Somebody tell me what to do about this other than down the bottle of vodka on my desk and I will do my best to make it happen.

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  4. This is sick capitulation. I cannot understand how their parents aren’t marching in there and pulling their kids out. It’s hardly believable to see this even.


  5. gemjunior January 13, 2016 at 10:01 pm
    I cannot understand how their parents aren’t marching in there and pulling their kids out. It’s hardly believable to see this even.

    oh? then why have things like this happened all around the US?

    the simple fact is, the parents aren’t being told that this is part of the curriculum. unless the children mention it too them, the parent probably won’t find out.


  6. I’m Canadian and in Canada it is a source of pride that Holland was liberated by our troops. So it makes me doubly sick to see something like this. Why did we bother? Did all those young Canadian men die so the Dutch could embrace a creed even worse than Naziism? The only thing wrong with the nazis was that they targeted the wrong Semites.

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  8. I think I figured out why the “elites” are so keen on importing millions of third world Muslims. They are the dream subjects for the New World Order. They are raised from birth to yield unquestioningly to authority. And with a little show of force they are easily cowed and do what they are told. Not like those pesky westerners who are raised … I mean used to be raised in a society that valued liberty and accountability from their leaders.


  9. This kind of shit will never convert anyone of value to Islam. The best way to do that would be to promise the boys that if enough of them convert, one day they will be able to chuck rocks at these fucking cat ladies until they’re dead. Now that’s a winning sales pitch. Thankfully no Muslim is crafty enough to use that pitch. Yet.


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