1. rapefugee? no I did not come up with that one… I saw it on some other site, don’t remember where I saw it first but it was only a few days ago as it seems to be a new name for those animals raping our women.


  1. If this bitch is an “American”, maybe we should all pitch in and send her to Europe; maybe to France and into one of the “no-go zones” the Muslims have there; or we could try taking her on a tour of Koln; might be educational for her. Might give her a chance to get ALL those “doors” open…not gonna just be that one “front” door she maybe has in mind.


  2. Vicarious Generosity = Giving away, often enthusiastically, something which is not one’s to give

    ‘White Supremacy’: just means White people control their lives, their society, their identity and their future as Whites.

    Ending ‘White Supremacy’: just means this woman (and the state) controls your life, your future and everything….. and forever.


  3. F÷cking abhorrent. This shlt is starting to really piss me off. I resent this woman for making me wish muzzgroid rape on her and her ilk.


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