1. A couple days ago I saw an ad for a speaker to be placed in the vagina to play music for the growing baby inside the woman.

    That in itself is weird but…

    I suppose pregnant liberal women could play to their white growing babies tapes where they are told their race is the worst on the planet and other such anti-white things

    Nothing surprises me anymore.


  2. Of course the sign behind their heads shows it to be cucked church behind the shenanigans.

    And these churches wonder why their congregations grow smaller and smaller each year.

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      1. Exactly. They’re Unitarian in name only, because they require no belief in God at all. There are official, church-sanctioned UU atheist and UU pagan groups. They’re a fake church, as fake as Scientology. There were great, devout Unitarian believers in America’s history… President John Adams, for one (“I am a church-going animal”). These people are a stain and disgrace on that legacy.

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  3. I also wonder what the response would be if the conversation went like this:

    “You’re right, black lives do matter. Since us white people have been so dangerous to blacks, we are voluntarily removing ourselves from your presence. For your own protection, please don’t follow us into our own new countries. This is for your own good.

    P.S. You can keep the cool shit we invented for you, but you’re going to have to maintain it yourself as we won’t be around to cause any more trouble.”


  4. Universal Unitarians are the WORST people on the planet… It where spiritually “unfulfilled” leftists go to be smug, superior and be surrounded by other smug, Superior assholes while not really standing for anything except the Holy Trinity of Leftism: Equality, Race and Political Correctness…


    1. I forget who it was… a scientist or an architect, I think… but there was a prominent UU member who once said that “Unitarian Universalism is a soft-landing spot for people that are becoming agnostics and atheists”. UU “churches” have basically become gathering places for leftists that want that churchy vibe, but not all of that nasty following commandments stuff.


  5. Whatever else this picture represents- folly, social conditioning, implicit anti-White politics, Christianity as slave morality- I can assure you there were some happy White folks there that day, hearts full to bursting with joy on a self-righteous high, stoned out of their heads on holy sanctimony.


    1. They made their kids hold the sign. Those kids sure are getting a different “education” than mine are. They are getting brainwashed to hate their own kind. Mine are getting truth.


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