1. She looks like she needs to drop a few pounds. Then again, in America today how many women don’t look like they need to drop a few pounds?


  1. Imagine if they were all working towards building the perfect 3D printer to make parts for a printable gun… or designing a new Computer-controlled milling machine to make gun parts… why are the geeks wasting their time this way???


    1. We never did figure out that whole intelligence thing.

      Nerds are hopelessly stupid when it comes to everything that doesn’t amount to serving their MIC/JWO masters.

      This star wars faggotry – the fact that these simps are ENJOYING this latest maxist turd – proves it once and for all.


  2. This looks like the shot taken moments before the BLM group of sheboons march through yelling about White Privilege and throwing people’s drinks in their faces.


  3. I feel more pity for you, who try to shame me for enjoying gaming in an attempt to make me conform to a pre-packaged, one size fits all red pill ideology.


      1. Yeah, always a ready-made cheering section in social media for any anti-White message, esp. self-negating, self-selecting for extinction behaviors by social status seeking Whites.

        Disgusting, and women seem to make up about 95% of this dysfunctional self destruction.

        But when a black woman posts “I want my girl to have black dolls”, the White do-gooder says “I totally get that!”.


      1. Wisconsin actually has one of the worst black populations in the country, but they are largely concentrated in Milwaukee.

        A link to a PDF giving 2011 homicide stats for Milwaukee (I’m sure it has not changed one iota, with the possible exception of more Latino homicide perpetrators) — when you open it, the first table/graph stares you right in the face: Blacks committed homicide at a rate of 28/100k, while for Whites it was 1.7/100k — that is a > 14x difference in the homicide offending rate. Data like this is why, once Blacks reach a ‘critical mass’ in a community, civilization begins to disappear.

        The sad thing is that very few Americans know of data like this — even sadder, to a significant subset it would make no difference.


    1. (@bringdamovies) People playing dress-up with their children as if they were dolls. Cheered on by other “adults” (“he has learned well from you”).


    1. sitting around watching sports is not better, i’d say it’s worse. doesn’t make this any better in absolute terms though


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