1. Are you sure this isn’t one of H. G. Wells’ Morlocks, hunting Eloi on the last functioning underground the Eloi’s ancestors built for the Morlock’s underprivileged forebears?


    1. Hey, I saw that one. Traffic was pretty fast, so I didn’t catch the “Merry Xmas”. I wouldn’t credit it to “hackers” though. Those signs are programmed by a keyboard & LCD stowed inside one of the compartments, so it was probably a construction guy. Every other official CalTranny billboard had a fucking Buzzed Driving message (instead of useful traffic info), so I can honestly say this was the only useful sign operating that day.


  2. Important to understand that black people, and black culture, are caught in the same downward spiral as the rest of our society. Black American culture has always had issues, but it used to be more or less functional, which is part of what led to the delusions of the Civil Rights movement. Compare the photo above to these guys;

    If they could see what the future held for their people, they would have probably been campaigning for George Wallace


    1. You give them too much credit, just for having their shirts tucked in. If you time-traveled yourself into that photo frame, and told them their half-brother would be pesident for 8 years, those three “good ones” would start a riot right then and there.


      1. Certainly possible – you never want to underestimate the effects of racial solidarity, even among people who should know better. However, I don’t think that there’s any disputing the fact that the black community used to be a lot more functional 60-70 years ago, if only because there wasn’t a constant flow of the more intelligent and responsible blacks out of the community. That was one of the hidden benefits of segregation for blacks. Lots of blacks know this, at some level – that’s one of the reasons that, once you get past the obligatory “Hate Whitey” bullshit, a lot of the demands of the “Black Lives Matter” protestors are essentially demands for re-segregation, along with a big fat check from you-know-who. Integration mostly benefited the mulatto sub-group among blacks (naming no President Butt Naked names..)along with their white and Jewish allies. In the long run, it pretty much harmed everyone else, white and black.


    1. Refugees welcome…but not in Eretz Israel [nyahaha].

      That looks suspiciously like an igloo he’s standing next to…


    1. “It’s nice to know my son won’t be one of them.”

      Unless if daughters are taught to value and love beta males at a very young age, then that single mommy won’t ever have any grandkids. She has trained the next generation of incel beta cuck sons that can look forward to marrying a 39-year old divorced mommy that doesn’t want anymore kids or unprotected sex with betas.


    2. “make sure we have 15% of it to leave for a tip”
      15%? FIFTEEN PERCENT??? What are you raising, a rabbi?? Don’t you know your server is paying her way through Stripper Pole Dance class?
      The overall lesson is nice though, mom — That no man is safe from a golddigger’s shovel, not even her own 6 year old son.


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