1. Drop-out rate at most public universities is about 50%… this is just piling debt on people who can least afford to pay it (and are most likely to demand the govt step in and forgive/pay the bill) WE. ARE. DOOMED.

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  2. Dindus already go to college. They major in football, basketball and minor in screwing White coeds – with or without their consent.


  3. “WE COMIN’!!”

    Time for White parents to re-think the college plan for their White kids. The blacks there are being petted, pampered, radicalized, and taught to hate YT – if they don’t already.

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    1. Admission Exams be rayciss an’ sheeeit, gnomesayin?

      Liberia must have a tougher admission exam than any we have here in the FUSA. Or maybe they need feetsball scholarships. I’ll wager the dindus we have enrolled in our fine institutions of learning aren’t any smarter that the ones in Liberia. But our system is more “accommodating”.

      Because “diversity”.


      1. There was a scandal about a year ago at University of North Carolina (I think) where it turned out that athletes were “enrolled” in ethnic studies classes that turned out to be fictitious. I think this kind of corruption is very wide-spread and is not limited to the athletic departments.

        Its been generally recognized for the past 30 years that K-12 public education system is not a legitimate education system. I think the university system has become similarly rotten over the past 25 years or so. Even the STEM programs have been infected with bogus degrees in areas such as “sustainability”. We have a prominent civil engineering program whose graduates have designed bridges that has collapsed due to design flaws as well as roads that have poor drainage in rain, in a part of the country that is renowned for its rain.


  4. Housewife of the president, just because you are fucking the president doesn’t make you the president. At one point all the “First Lady” did was stand there and look pretty, she can’t even do that right. Go to college, pfff, unfunny Jew humor un-funnily acted out by blacks. What do you think Al?


    1. “Housewife of the president, just because you are fucking the president doesn’t make you the president.”

      What makes you think they are fucking? I’m not sure which team either one is on…I do have my doubts about those two.


  5. So this is what dindus do in the White House? Spoiling the hallowed halls once walked by great men, shuckin an jivin, and apeing it up to encourage duh youffs to test their monkey brains at college?

    I hope Trump knows how to remove the smell of monkey shit from a house.


      1. So many left wing faggots in the comment section for that video. They actually think it supports their worldview. “It’s the Trump presidency, herp derp,” etc. Shitheads.


    1. “I hope Trump knows how to remove the smell of monkey shit from a house.”

      A full fumigation and interior re-paint of the “White House” is definitely called for, and I don’t think the taxpayers will mind footing the bill one bit. Let’s hope the FT doesn’t fling too much shit at the walls if Trump wins.


  6. I thought at first that perhaps this was parody. But it seems to be a real advertisement. Where, or where, is any sense of decorum or dignity? How low we have fallen!!


      1. I was actuallly thinking of Jackie Kennedy. Try as a I might, I cannot imagine her behaving as does this “First Lady.” Can the word “lady” even be applied to Michelle Obama?


    1. This is what I was referring to in my previous post. Not only were the “student” athletes being passed through the system. Many of the classes the were supposedly enrolled in turned out to be fictitious. The principle of mediocrity (which states that a random observation, like this scandal, is a representative observation) suggests that this corruption is widespread throughout the U.S. university system. I think it is not limited to athletic programs.

      The rot is deeply embedded in the universities.


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