Guess Who Has The Highest T Level



    1. At least that honkey with “swag” has a better chance of banging that “darkie” than your white ass could even if you walked past a bunch of “ghetto” hookers while flashing a wad of hundred dollar bills.


  1. Almost forgot, Sandra bullock has doubled down on the black baby adoption. Expect Katherine Hegel, madoona and those other crazy bitches to follow suit with a new one of their own soon.


    1. I don’t know, John, Vampira there on the left might be do-able on the right dark and stormy night. But the black gal on right looks like she just won this year’s Sojourner Truth lookalike contest, and she would have to look a long time for action even in the hood.


    2. In the forlorn hope that, by visibly protesting rape, they’ll become a target of a rapist and finally get inside them the dick of a man with T levels higher than their own.


  2. wait, is he implying he WOULD rape a woman? because there is NO WAY IN HELL he is a “real man.” Real men don’t have the body of a 12-year old… Man, I hate these “weenie” men they make nowadays…


    1. No doubt. Black hair but none on his chest/arms. Looks like he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. Body waxing is gay. Really tired of androgyny.


  3. Now, The Rest of the Story: On his back are the words “…BUT WHAT WOULD I KNOW ABOUT REAL MEN?..”.

    Yes, in all caps, just like on his girlish chest and belly.


  4. The dude on the left, because of his jaw. However, some ppl say blacks tend to have more T levels. That was probably before lots of estrogen were used in the fried chicken industry!


  5. Finally: someone is taking a brave stand against rape. A ballsy move there, Casper. Expect to be ostracised by the rape community.


  6. The look on his face says it all. Pure unadulterated chagrin. “I went through all this and still can’t get any of these fuglies to have sex with me.”


      1. 24 hours a day

        It generally runs in only one direction — you won’t often see a white male with a black female.

        And as if the average black genome is something you want to see perpetuated.


  7. In descending order:

    -Harriet Tubman
    -Elvira Mistress of the Dark
    and lastly, and most certainly least…
    the wide hipped young lad/otherkin.


    1. This is great! A six year old girl..

      Real pedobait. So if anybody gets sexy pictures of “her” is it kiddie porn?

      If this old codger can become a six year old girl, maybe I can hope to become pope, emperor or at least a sixteen year old boy so I can raid the high school girls volleyball team…


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