There Was A Time When Photos Like This One Didn’t Raise Eyebrows

The person who submitted this said it was found on the ground at an Atlanta Braves game. Now, it could be totally innocent — a father, a son, and an uncle — or, this being 2015, the Year of Our Lord Lucifer and His Rule over the Kingdom of Weimerica, it could be Two Dads, One Catamite. It’s anyone’s guess.



  1. You never know in this day and age, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s his dad and uncle.

    The fact we are even guessing is a mark of how far we’ve fallen.

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  2. The boy looks like the man on the right, especially in the first picture (look at the nose, mouth and dimples). Ears would be a dead giveaway, however, you cannot see either of the men’s ears.

    Atlanta is cesspool of homosexuality (despite national rate going down, Atlanta is on the rise for HIV+ cases), including an enabling culture that glamorizes the sadistic lifestyle and a mayor who is probably on the downlow.

    It’s a reach, but flakes probably don’t attend Braves games. This is probably (hopefully) a father, son and uncle, but, as mentioned, that we even have to ask shows how far we’ve fallen.


    1. If you can find a photo or painting from the beginning of time through the last generation, depicting an adult male (presumably head of a household) making a Miley Cyrus face, I’ll agree that this pic is wholesome.


      1. This is off the mark. That dad is just making goober faces and sticking out his tongue for fun. I highly doubt he has ever heard a (non-Billy Rae) Cyrus song. If we only seek to see evil everyday, we will have no problem seeing it even in that which is good. Let the remaining moment’s of decent Americans having a decent American life go unmocked. Because in 20 years all of it hits the fan for good.


    1. It may be my imagination, but looking closer at the face on the status-signaling bitch, I see a malevolent “f-you White men!”-type of expression.

      May she be eaten by her pseudo-offspring some fine day.


      1. She looks like a space alien trying to impersonate a human being, and not quite pulling it off. Lots of leftie women have this look, even when they’re not bloated dykes…


    2. You know what I call Sandra Bullock, ect? PET OWNERS! She buys a pet niglet and yes, that’s what she did, she sent a flunky with a credit card to [Africa] with the instructions ”find a cute little black boy/girl” and put the expenses on this card. Africans have been selling other Africans forever.
      Other than this photo-op how often do you think she interacts with her exotic pet?
      Do you think Michael Jackson spent much time with his menagerie of critters (llamas, chimp, ect.)? HE DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO, between his music and dance work, writing, recording, touring, court appearances, and his time ”relaxing with his little friends”, he was lucky if he had the time to see or touch those animals once a week on average.
      So who raised and cared for them? STAFF! That’s one of the reasons he had one. Same here, STAFF raises and cares for these pets, when she’s not filming, doing promo work for [current project] such as The Tonight Show, award shows, and the regular celeb parties.
      So why does she do it? First Google ”celebrities with black babies”, it’s trendy. Second, pregnancy would pretty much put her career on hold for a year, that could derail her career and surely cost her millions of dollars. It would also make her agent Shlomo Betaman (man, man, man, man) kvetch like crazy that whole year. But a pet niglet she can hand off to a ‘nanny’? That’s kosher.

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  3. Gonna say father/son and uncle/co-worker/bro in-law.

    Fags don’t care for baseball. But then again, straight dudes don’t care for photo booths…

    Kid and dude on right have identical eye colour, dimples and the gap in the maxillary central incisors.


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