1. This is why I like living in Mississippi… we really don’t have to put up with this absurdity – I’m sure it’s here, but they live in the shadows of their closets… I hate the other states who love to “celebrate” this bullshit… Why didn’t you let us leave 150 years ago??? Why did you keep us here to ram this crap down our throats? WE hate you, now!! Can’t we just take out backwood, hayseed, redneck asses and leave? We won’t shoot; we’ll just peacefully walk away….

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  2. I’ve read a few places lately that White Homosexuals are aware of the n-gg-r problem and don’t take any bullshit about equality, endemic racism, anti-gentrification and other liberal b.s. seriously.

    Looks like these two were too busy collecting liberal status symbols to get that memo…

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    1. Mr Henry, the first line of your post, whether it’s originally yours or not, is absolute genius.
      I will be quoting it at every opportunity and only lament that it is a bit too long to fit on a t shirt.
      Thank you sir.


    2. As someone who works retail in a “cosmopolitan” minority-majority “hotel” as you put it, this especially hits home for me. Great metaphor.


    1. Scanman look between the two haids in the middle. But he’s just getting started, lots of places a straying arm might find itself around that house.


      1. Thanks JRM. I see now that it was a stupid question. Initially his arm looked like the back of the sofa to me. Looking more closely at the arms of the sofa (dark wood), I now realize that the curve in the middle of the pic must be the man’s arm because it is too light to be the wood from the sofa.


    2. His partner’s asshole is a gateway to another dimension. The missing arm is now on Channel 248 on the TV from the Poltergeist house, playing patty-cake with Carol Ann.


  3. ”as we are biblically instructed to do in Psalm 82:3…”
    That’s why I avoid quotes from Scripture, you can cherry-pick any social/political position and claim the Bible sanctions it according to X,Y, and Z passages. Even when the Bible is either silent or ambivalent about a particular claim. For example, slavery; You can construct Biblical arguments both for and against it (and many have done so, both ways). IMHO the Bible is neutral on the subject, neither forbidding it nor approving of the practice (and not forbidding it’s abolition either).
    There are also two other factors to take into account about the Bible; it’s POV of geography:
    Where whole continents literally were unknown to people of that time period – such as North and South America as well as Australia, Antarctica and places like Japan (there are vague references to China, simply referring to it as ”the Orient” which can mean anything from what would be modern-day Turkey to the Chinese east coast).
    Translation error; the Old Testament was mostly written in Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic, the New, Ancient Greek, Latin and Aramaic. An example would be what ”Thou shalt not kill” means; is killing others (including in war or self-defense) forbidden or does it actually mean ”Thou shalt not murder” which is the argument of those who’ve read and interpret the Hebrew writings.
    I find the Biblical ”how many angels can dance on the head of a pin” arguments tiresome.
    However, this site does a pretty good job of deconstructing on how the Bible says to care for widows and orphans:
    Short version, adopting niglets is not the right way to deal with them.
    Something else the Bible is very vague on, the only reference to sub-Saharan Africans is to refer to all of them as ”the Ethiopian” because that was probably the only contact people of that time and place had with what we now refer to as ‘blacks’ – keep that in mind.


    1. YIH: Good post. My only quibble is that the original languages whose canonical writings became the “Bible” were only three, those being Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, IIRC. Of course many glosses on the Bible were written in Latin.

      IMHO the “established Church” let us down (unforgivably) in the 1960’s by endorsing interracial marriage. Because of the kinds of vagaries you site, the Scriptures didn’t save us from the push for miscegenation.


  4. Try to imagine going to HS and having it become known that you have two dads — you know right away most of the other kids are thinking “faggots”, and how they bugger and suck each other off. Just disgusting. Why can’t selfish, sanctimonious, narcissistic assholes like these two see that they are not doing these kids any favors? Do they really expect the rest of us to overlook this/their perversion of what a “family” is supposed to be? Do they expect society to somehow strongarm the rest of us into accepting their repulsive behavior?


  5. They guy on the left has a kind of shitty, wimpering look that seems to be saying ‘Please don’t say what I know you’re thinking…’.


  6. Those nogs are going to grow up and murder those old fags. The go ape wild around age 13, that is when their brain stops developing and the jungle instinct takes over.


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