Celebrating Race Cuckoldry And Fat Manlet-to-Lesbian Transitioning



    1. Me neither. Flip a coin, rather do that than check either blood or genitalia.
      For those playing along at home, Brevard is east of Orange (mostly metro Orlando) County. You might as well call it NASA County, that’s pretty much all it’s known for. Oh, and a pleasant stretch of I-90 – unlike most of that Interstate.
      Didn’t know that mag even existed, ‘Space Coast Seniors’ yeah, but not a non-senior mag.
      Just what that area needs, yet more chimps. Yeah, south Brevard is big enough to have THAT problem as well.
      Let’s see, in a decade lil’ Travon will be dead or in prison and Shaniqua and her sisters will average out to one niglet each.
      Karma’s a bitch, um, whatever you are.


  1. Is this Brevard County, Florida? The extra depressing thing about that is that this proves that the Eskimo agenda really does control *all* advertising and everything that appears in a glossy magazine. It’s *all* propaganda. Brevard County, FL is small town stuff. Daytona Beach is hick town, known for biker week and the Daytona 500. It’s not as if this little “spacecoast living” brochure is a real MSM magazine. In other words, I doubt it’s even available on paper anywhere outside of hotel lobbies in Brevard County, Florida. It’s the type of “magazine” that is available for free, sitting on the counter at the hotel where you check in, where 80% of the pages are simply paid advertisements for the local alligator airboat tour. It’s not a “magazine” like Time or Newsweek.

    Also, note the self-imposed yellow-star glasses.



    1. Psst, close but no cigar. Brevard is the county below Volusia (Daytona) the northern part of that strip is dominated by Kennedy Space Center, when NASA (or SpaceX) launches that’s where it’s from.
      Other than KSC and the Ron-Jon Surf Shop the county has little tourism to note. I have friends that live over there, even with the Section Ape pockets of dindus, it’s a pretty nice place to live. And nicer, less crowded beaches than you’ll find in Daytona – and no scuzzy Atlantic City style boardwalk.


    1. T. Rascal, that’s genius – the connection of that painting with the non-traditional “family”…. I never looked closely at this thing before because of the level of creepiness, but it looks like those are fetuses (fetii?) hanging off that pole or whatever it is. And the sacrificing of that baby to the satanic figure is like giving the babies to moloch, as the ancient jews used to do. Really good job.


  2. If that (male???) goofball in the middle of the picture was all we had to judge the white race on, I’d say extinction was richly deserved, and somewhat overdue.


  3. No amount of hating we do on that guy could ever come close to the hell those little bitches and bastards will put him through. They’re gonna wipe that grin right off his/her silly face- give them time.


    1. I’ve noticed these dyke cunts have been recently giving up their niglet pets for adoption, or worse abandoning them, once they get too much to handle. Yet again throwing the responsibility on the general population once they’ve imported these cunts. The law should be this: you import them, you pay for them until 18, else hey go back to Africa. Dykes rent seeking has no limits.


  4. Blacks, especially males, aren’t very interested in adopting female children. It’s really sexist the way they only want boys, and Hollywood when it’s making TV commercials knows this.


    1. Black boys will grow up to become pro affletes, rappers, or prisoners. Either way, they’re out of your hair.
      Black girls will get knocked up, hooked on drugs, go to jail, and leave their bastard spawn behind for you to care for.


  5. On the lighter side let’s try captions that make more sense than the magazine’s original:

    “Honey, they followed me home. Can we keep them?”

    “They were having a sale-buy 4 at the regular low price and get one free!”

    Same pic, different mag: “TIME’s Cuck of the Year”


    Thanksgiving Dinner: would you like dark meat or white meat?
    “uhhhh…we done ate the White”.


  6. That woman is a respected firefighter and nurse. She saves lives. She gives to her community. That is the person she is.

    Trash like you insult her. All you have to offer is hate. That is the person you are.

    Never forget that.


    1. Wrong. She’s a sexual deviant, hates men, and hates her race to the extent of subsidizing the lives of an entire clutch of black children.

      She is trash. And you’re a traitor. And yea, all we have for you is hate.

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    2. “A respected firefighter”???

      HA! You have to be kidding!

      Why is she so respected? Because of her “courage” and “bravery”?? Imagine!

      Eagerly signing up for massive pension benefits even through she isn’t as strong as a man? Let’s hope no-one dies because she’s not strong enough to carry them out over her shoulder.


    3. That woman is a respected astronaut and cowboy. She saves lives. She gives candy to orphans. That is the person she is.

      Trash like you insult her. All you have to offer is hate. That is the person you are.

      Never forget that.


    4. You can read about this person here:

      Robin Whiting became Brevard County’s first female firefighter. She’s served as an EMT, a NICU nurse and a foster parent to more than 30 children over the years. But her life changed on December 10, 2004, when she met 11-month-old Robinson…

      She gives to her community.

      Maybe so. But people who work jobs that create wealth do too — has she ever done that? Where do you think the money comes from to pay people like her?

      Give us a break man. Who could possibly be sexually attracted to her? Where do you think babies come from? You know, the furthering of the species? Like it or not, everyone is judged at least in part on that — on appearance, whether they are sexually attractive or not. Get used to it.

      That said I’m not generally one to jump on someone just for being unattractive.

      But perhaps even you will concede that “family” is vaguely ridiculous. BTW, how many white children did she pass on before adopting a black child? And just why did she choose to adopt a black child? Perhaps at last in part to score pc brownie points?


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