Would You Court This Girl Like A Gentleman?



  1. Do the same companies that design and build prisons also design and build public schools?

    From the busses that dump them there, to the staffing, to the occupants (inmates?), it’s getting harder and harder to tell the two apart. In a sane world, the closest this girl would get to boys like that would be seeing them in a educational film about the dangers of STIs and rape.

    It’s all so far gone now that if it’s fixable at all, it’s going to take several generations.

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    1. I used to work in facility maintenance is an urban school district and now work in a county (with a large jail) and I can tell you that a school is beat to sh!t by the same people who will be in jail soon enough. The jail took the rough treatment oft heir occupants into consideration during design. Most schools do not. We used to get a fair amount of material (mainly door hardware and caulk for expansion joints) from a prison supply house.


    1. In general, you can judge a man’s character better by his behavior when a relationship ends as compared to when it begins — for a black man, a white woman is the ultimate prize — it’s not surprising that many black men show their true character when the relationship ends and that prize slips away.


    2. I don’t understand why any man would murder-suicide his own offspring, but in this case, I’m glad it happened. Any bets on how long it’ll take this bitch to spawn some new mudlings?


  2. It’s hard to maintain White Pride when viewing the disgusting behavior of some White girls/women. Very hard. I sometimes think, in my darker moments, that we deserve everything that’s happening to us, and girls like this are a big part of that. No wonder the blacks no longer have any fear of us, as they once did.


    1. Deserve is a moral thing. Our ancestors couldn’t have known. Some did see it all coming, but they were shouted down by the same self-righteous lot as exist today, shouting at us for not celebrating this shit.


    2. ‘We’ are not monolithic, and thus we deserve no uniform fate. There is a time for all things in this world. When the last tolerable twerk, the last tolerable mudsharking, the last tolerable Polar Bear hunt has come and gone, and many of our weaker people are dead or beaten, the time will come for the tree-limb, the tar, the feathers and the shaven head on Main Street. It may be a long time or a short time. The strong who remain may well speak Russian, Serbian, Hungarian and the like. But the time will come.

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  3. No necklace, no earrings, little to no makeup, hair’s not even done. She’s a tomboy at best, a lesbo at worst. Her dark future suggests massive weight gain, plenty of cigarettes, multiple kids from different fathers (provided she isn’t a lesbo), and a hopeful dream of moving up to a double-wide.


  4. Look at how they snigger for the camera. I have a niggling suspicion that they’re niggardly, always trying to buck the system. Maybe they’d enjoy a nice picnic.


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