1. The parents of these kids need to be chain-whipped. The kids themselves are too young to really know what’s going on. The parents have no such excuse. God, I’m starting to hate this society…

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    1. Starting? Where have you been? You know a funny thing happened when I put myself back at age 10 like that kid in my mind. I realized that I would have felt shame and pitched a fit. There would be no jumping around or parroting this nonsense. I realize it is hard as a kid to no internalize a lot of your parents outlook but most kids can feel the bigger picture of right and wrong.

      Unfortunately the kids of today will have to break free of this on their own. There are many things waiting in this world to do this.


  2. Fucking deaf too. I guess this family is going for the SJW Gold Medal.

    Take that, girl who blinded herself a while back! Don’t fuck with this family, they might be forced to cripple themselves next.


  3. give the parents their claim, that this is a little girl– who lets their kid dress as such an obvious freakshow? the whole family is in on the attention-grabbing


    1. First act of resistance: get rid of the phone.
      Second act of resistance: get rid of the superfluous jewelry.
      Third act of resistance: stop buying hair dye.

      Get back to me after doing those three things honey.


    1. The telling thing about this pic is that she almost certainly isn’t the hippie/libtard/protester type and is only doing this as some odd selfie for her FB friends. Judging by her age, dress, and yes skin color she is simply a vapid soccer mom who saw a sign that she could be ironic in front of to preen for her much younger wannabe friends and her status whoring modern friends of her age. The symbolism and solemnity of the setting means nothing to her since she is too clueless to realize it. More life happening around her that she doesn’t have to concern herself with. Standard Repub “lady” nowadays. We can’t win because even our own supposed allies are sheeptards.

      To me this is worse than a tye died hippie tearing up a flag. She is pure eloi and a deadweight to the normal propping her existence up.


      1. I read about the background of this pic; it was apparently an ongoing joke amongst her and her friends to post silly photos being inappropriate in various locations. This was just one of many (and she wasn’t actually screaming, just mimicking it) and it wound up going viral.

        I feel bad for her; she’s a victim of stupid teenage antics, and a 2-minute-hate engineered by sharing the photo far and wide.

        There’s a lesson here: don’t post pictures of yourself doing stupid shit, unless you’re fully prepared to own them.

        Don’t get me wrong, a woman disrespecting the soldiers that prevent her from getting raped by Muslims? Atrocious – but hardly different than any other slimy degenerate wandering around these days, disrespecting the troops, God, and country. And Lord knows, I’ve said stupid things in my time, especially back when I was 20. She’s just the one who got caught, and had been egged on to engage in this sort of folly since her earliest days.


  4. What the hell is going on in America? Seriously now? I think your leaders are the most determined people I’ve ever seen, too bad that this determination is steered the wrong way (destroying your country). If you wanna see something really fucked up check this out : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/widower-returns-wifes-glamour-award-because-of-caitlyn-jenner_5649db3ae4b060377349c1f8

    The husband of that heroic lady is just..pure awesomeness. However look at the comments section and prepare to facepalm really really hard. I think someone should change the name of this website to “goodbyeworld”…everything is going down the drain.


  5. I favor nature over nurture in biological phenomena, and so immediate biochemical causes would seem to be the biggest culprits in the feminization of boys – and girls are becoming more “feminine”, too, as they’re hitting puberty at younger ages and have higher estrogen levels. (Although, admittedly, nurture plays a big role because children always seek the approval of their parents, and leftoid parents could indeed push their kids into this – just like Stage Moms and Football Dads, only done by left wing extremists).

    So, what are the “natural” causes of the mass feminization?
    1. American vaccines are loaded with phthalates (estrogen steroids). Weak Whytes love boasting their SCIENCE! cred by allowing creepy doctors to inject these toxic cocktails into the pregnant mother at seven months and then into their newborn babies to supposedly save them from STDs like Hepatitis B. At two months old, a whole new round of phthalate-drenched toxins are injected into baby Joey or Eddie or Tommy. This is particularly likely to trigger homosexuality in boys because newborn baby boys have T-levels on par with adult men for the first three to six months. This is crucial because the formulation of the brain into masculine processes is done in the womb and then the first few months of life. If you suppress this natural testosterone and replace it with the vaccines’ phthalates, then you’re denying your baby boy the development phase of the male brain.
    2. Phthalates are ubiquitous in our environment nowadays. The CBC documentary ‘The Disappearing Male’ covers the feminizing effects of these estrogen steroids. (Although they false lay all the blame on just one of them, BPA.)
    3. American diets are far too low in dietary cholesterol, which is used to make testosterone, HGH, and a host of other hormones. Mothers should have at least three eggs per day during pregnancy (and get your iodine, too!) and children should have plenty of eggs, whole milk, and other cholesterol-rich foods.

    If you do all of these things, you will likely have healthy boys with healthy private parts (no hypospadias or undescended testicles) who favor balls and blocks over dolls and clothes and who grow up with a healthy sex drive and drive to create and explore.


    1. David, thanks for the informative post. I often suspect we are being bombarded with man-made chemicals and that somewhere in the mix is one of the causes of this mass-feminizing of males.

      But in contrast to what you said about females, it seems to me they are getting more masculine. Females used to be (most of them) rather graceful and delicate; young women now walk gracelessly for the most part, and their body language seems to ape male body language.

      Many of the tattooed, hard-drinking, hard-talking young “ladies” of today seem rougher than the average male of 40 years ago. Maybe they’re getting too much male semen from their constant and promiscuous sex habits?


      1. No, women are certainly not getting more masculine in any physiological sense. Maybe you’re conflating vulgarity and crude posturing with masculinity, and that’s why there’s confusion.

        As noted, women’s estrogen levels are up, early-onset puberty has skyrocketed, obesity is up which increases estrogen, and so on and so forth.

        Note also that, despite the American media’s illusion of the self-empowered Career Grrrls having wild sex lives and the sexual revolution resulting in a sexual paradise, the cold truth is that Americans are having LESS sex than ever before (and if this were controlled for race then it would be even more stark). This has been reaffirmed in numerous other studies: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/mar/3/us-teens-young-adults-doing-it-less-study-says/?utm-source=RSS_Feed&utm-medium=RSS


    1. That bizarre pic of Miley Cyrus (?) should become the subject of an entry of it’s own here.

      Weird and decadent, it just sums the new America up.


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