Burn The Coal, Pay The Toll

Daddies don’t let your daughters grow up to be mudsharks….



    1. No. You dudes trashing the poor white girl don’t get it. This is not beta white knighting. Please try to read carefully. Those trashing the girl have not fully swallowed all of the red pills. This girl is part of the world that now have after 40 years of madness. Society failed her (and us). She should never have lived in a world that even included a term for a “whigger” and told her to look and act like the new Miley Cyrus. She didn’t create this world. It was the job of white men to not lose control of society. She was just a woman.

      As I wrote at CH yesterday where somebody posted this link: Jewish control of the culture is the only reason that this (would have been) beautiful HB9 (look at some of the other photos and simply concentrate on facial (and cleavage and skin tone) structure, ignoring the whiggerfied getup) was in that hotel room with the dindu. (Look carefully at her and imagine her without the whigger getup she was forced to acquire by no-doubt growing up without a father and going to “minority-dominated” public schools; she was beautiful, physically. She no-doubt became a whigger because she went to a high school dominated by dindus. This is a well known phenomenon; white kids stuck in black schools get bullied relentlessly and become whiggers, dressing and even talking like the blacks.) Or if not bullied, it’s just “cool” to act like them. Relatedly, when one black kid goes to an all-white school, he’ll get elected homecoming king. That’s just this generation.

      That girl who was born in 1997 did not ask to be born in this world of PC madness that leaves her vulnerable to this. Those of us born in 1975 did not ask to be born into the first generation of men to grow up with our women being taught to be, quite simply, brats, fighting with us at every turn instead of supporting us, thinking men and women are equal and that women should be able to be the president, or governor of South Carolina, or CEO of GM, and putting off marriage until age 35 after having 60 or 80 sexual partners between age 17 and 35.

      Even the famous Eminem the rapper is just that. He’s from Detroit. In the deep south, pretty (naturally) fair skinned girls who are stuck at schools with a lot of blacks end up being “redneck” and “whigger” at the same time. You might have met these types if you sarge. Y’all know what I mean; they act like the black football players do at southern schools.

      This is not libtardery like the way libtards use “socio-economic status” to explain African disfunction while ignoring that the chicken came before the egg, but this woman did not become who she was in a vacuum apart from the totally fucked up world in which we all now live.

      If things worked properly, she’d have been raised with a strong father in her house, married to her mother, with 3 or 4 brothers and sisters, and she would never have MET this dindu let alone agreed to let this happen to her.

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      1. The Sodomites also did not ask to born in Sodom & Gomorrah, but it was destroyed non the less even the little kids.


      2. Absolutely agree. It is the fault of white men for allowing our civilization to be co-opted by (((foreign))) interests, thus divesting men of their power over their own households whilst poisoning the culture our families consume. The result is as predictable as can be.

        Women can’t be seen as having the same moral agency as men – that’s Marxist, feminist propaganda. Even if the current cultural messaging were reversed, women would still make horrible life decisions if given half a chance. They NEED male authority because there’s really no other kind.


      3. There is some truth in this. A big part of the problem with this particular generation is they are constantly being conditioned to view White men as weak beta faggots. Just watch any TV show / commercial with a White guy and a black guy; the black dude is always cool, savvy and fit while the White dude is a lost clueless slob in need of the negroes guidance. Fuck that noise. The men (if there even were any) in this young girls life failed her. Females are very impressionable and want to “fit in”, that’s just their nature, and without mens guidance, they will swallow this cultural poison due to it being portrayed as “fashionable”.. It’s up to us to guide our daughters and sisters down the right path, because you see what happens when we hand that role over to peers, the media, etc.


      4. It was the job of white men to not lose control of society

        Jewish control of the culture

        You could start by accepting responsibility instead of blaming “da Jooz.”


      5. Jews Jews Jews Jews Jews. We get it.

        But don’t forget: Englishmen established the African slave-trade. They weren’t hoodwinked by savvy Levantines. They loaded up the ships and took what they wanted. They loaded their rifles and battled other whites to preserve it.

        This is their fault.


  1. My first thought was that the story was a clever excuse the dindu cooked up to cover the crime. But I read that she walked willingly into the room; her pictures show positive for the mudshark virus; and she was probably getting really wet thinking about this “badass thug” she just met.

    So, file this one under “O” for “oops”, and let mudsharks be aware that if they want to play out some rape fantasy with some thug and a gun, they better check the chamber themselves first.

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  2. Interestingly enough, after he goes to prison, Tyrone will also get “shot in the head” during sexual activity. Ironically, also by a nigger named “Tyrone”.


  3. For those playing along at home that means Tampa:
    ”A woman with 15 kids (and no spouse) complains that people around aren’t doing enough to help her – even though her rent, food and furniture have all been covered by good Samaritans and the government. You have to hear it to believe it!

    “Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay,” she said.”
    Looks like one of those niglets graduated to the big (house) time. More to come.

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  4. http://www.sharonherald.com/obituaries/christina-marie-meagher/article_153de69e-e0c9-5356-9ac4-e7c5b6ebe4bd.html

    An angel that was among us, Christina Marie Meagher, has ascended up to heaven. On Nov. 7, 2015, Christina Marie was led by Jesus to her resting place.

    Christina Marie was born Aug. 8, 1997, in Tampa, Fla., to Carole Marie Alexia and her biological father, Shaun Meagher.

    Christina Marie attended Mercer Elementary School and was a graduate of Keystone Charter School in 2015. There she was recognized for her outstanding ability as an artist.

    Christina Marie was an outgoing and creative young lady who liked to eat shrimp and hang out with her cousins. Swimming this summer was one of her favorite things. She enjoyed going shopping at the outlet mall, writing, singing songs and listening to hip hop music. She liked to make funny videos showing her entertaining personality.

    She was an open-minded free spirit who appreciated different cultures. She had a heart of gold, was very kind to animals and loved her cat, Monster.

    She is survived by many who loved her including: her parents, Carole Marie Alexia Ferguson, with whom Christina Marie had a special bond, and her stepfather, Raymond P. Ferguson; her two brothers, Aaron Alexia and Brandon Modafair; three aunts, Marcy and Bobbi Alexia and their children Miranda and Marlana Filer, and Dylan Angermeier; and Catherine Meagher, Florida; her uncle, David James and his children, Sophie and Luek James; a great-grandmother, Hildegarde Marie Lucas Thompson; and her grandparents, Linda Marie James and David James.

    she had plenty of family around her… did they say anything? would she listen?


      1. “listening to hip hop music.”

        Oh, for God’s sake…..

        My God have mercy on her messed-up soul, and on all of us. Good Lord…


  5. I’m no dindu, but I actually had a girl I dated a while back ask me for this very same thing. Except that she wanted the gun to be loaded. I refused. Tyrone, I ain’t.


    1. I can relate, but you have more discipline than I did when I was younger. I mean, I’m sure that the Dindu is no great loss for humanity, but… if, back when I was in my teens or twenties, a semi-hot crazy blonde chick had said “Hey, I’d like to suck you off while you hold a loaded gun to my head” I probably would have been out there shopping for ammo, just like our thug friend above. I just lucked out, I guess…


  6. She was genuinely hot. He is a chubby-faced, down-low pussy.

    I guess you don’t even have to be a smooth, good looking negro to get attractive white girls nowadays, just black is enough. Hahaha

    ZFG. The happy ending is a win-win for everyone.


  7. Gonna be rough trying to come up with something on the headstone…cuz, she went exactly how she wanted to….sooooo…good job?

    I mean, if your bucket list includes getting banged by a thug you barely know and having put is gun to your head and pull the trigger, then I would hope it was the last thing on the list…


    1. This chick was so stupid and depraved, she almost has me feeling sorry for the Dindu. He should have remembered, “Bitches be crazy”


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