1. If this is any indication of the wider populace, we must be raising a generation of very feminized boys. It’s a good thing they’re promoting women for combat roles now. It looks like we’re going to be needing them in the future. Even more offensive than the casting itself in this spot is the faggot-style delivery of the first line the boy says…I don’t think even hard-core homos of the past started talking like that before puberty.

    Only winners here are manufacturers of fashionable clothing and accessories, as the children may be confused sexually, but they’ll be well-trained to consume a shit-load of overpriced junk they can’t really afford as they grow up.

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  2. His balls even fit in Barbie’s purse.
    I want to know (1) if his parents are male and female, and (2) if they were born that way.


    1. My money is its two gay parents or if its a male-female, then the Dad is obviously weak and probably has a cuckold fetish.

      Regardless, this is child abuse. That boy was coached to talk like that, too. The gay lisp is not normal; it is learned.


  3. Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis.

    The more I see the more I think PGD is the only thing that will save us. Find the faggot genes and screen them out. Choose the embyros with the whitest genetic heritage.


  4. Personally, I can’t help but feel a twinge of pity for Barbie, being played with by those… whatever they are. Of course, what they might do with a Ken doll, let alone a G.I. Joe, doesn’t bear thinking about…


  5. This advert is trying to normalize gay pederasty.

    The Next Frontier of the SJW crowd: Make it okay for adults to bugger children.

    Rome was positively Amish compared to what’s coming our way.


  6. This is another example of the evil patriarchy of oppressive males encroaching on women’s hobbies and ruining their safe spaces. Really tired of men and boys thinking they can butt in to every female centered hobby and then cry victim. We need to keep this little shitlord and his white male privilege from tormenting those innocent little girls…


  7. Wtf is this bullshit? They even had to give the kid a queer bruno mars haircut. Russia needs to hurry up and drop the nukes but my guess is they are going to play the long game and just invade the west coast in 10 years when all the women have combat roles and all the men are too busy blowing each other and thrifting.

    Famine, irradiated land, the collapse of the dollar, and a civil war is what will be needed to reset america to normal male/female activities.


    1. “Famine, irradiated land, the collapse of the dollar, and a civil war is what will be needed to reset america to normal male/female activities.”



  8. I’m not sure which is worse, the horrible consumerism or the Jenner Junior. This cannot even be parodied, it’s so far gone that it is a self parody.

    But the masses. Mmmm, bread and circuses, they love this stuff. The $150 doll sold out and is going for double that on eBay.

    I wonder how many Romans watched and wondered “WTF?”


  9. I think it is clear that unless New York, DC, LA/Hollywood and maybe Chicago were nuked (all on the same day), this country would not change course a single degree.


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