1. Look at how many brats she’s spawned. Look and despair. Your tax dollars are paying for them. When was the last time you saw a white woman with that many children in tow?

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  2. Some life still out there in the Red States, judging by the protesters. Obviously, we shouldn’t mistreat Muslim veterans or individual Muslims who are minding their business and assimilating (even though we shouldn’t take in any more). But what the fuck is the terror apologist CAIR group doing in a Veterans Day parade.

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    1. What’s CAIR doing? They’re minding their business — which happens to be agitating and terrorizing those who were stupid enough to invite them to assimilate. Muslim veteran, Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan is another one who minded his business.
      They are incompatible with us. Period. They belong in their own shitty countries, with their own shitty tribes. Not ONE of them is worth the time and effort required to weed out “the bad ones”.

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    2. >>>But what the fuck is the terror apologist CAIR group doing in a Veterans Day parade.

      Agreed. This parade was supposed to be about the vets. Instead CAIR turns it into political theatre. If their chapter had members who were vets they could’ve marched along with everybody else.


    1. I asked the same question before — assuming the image exists somewhere in the internet, ie has its own URL — I think as long as the URL ends with .jpg — perhaps other graphics formats/URLs will also work — just paste the link into your comment — I think that should work.

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  3. Oklahoman here. Fuck that guy. He’s not one of us.

    I assure you, Oklahomans generally do not like Muslims. This guy is one of these shitlibs that just happen to be living in this state because this state hasn’t gotten a major case of gay bowel syndrome from shitlib ass fucking, so being the typical shitlib that he is, he apologizes to people on behalf of his conservative “friends”.


  4. It’s just a reflection of the garbage put out by the Army Training and Doctrine Command “Cultural Center” propaganda which is primarily apologia for Islam and the central point that everything that is wrong is our fault. Its mandatory training prior to any deployment.


  5. Wow, just wow. For a haram male to address a married Muslim woman in public when her husband isn’t present is basically a hate crime. Is there no end to white oppression of innocent Muslims?

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  6. From what I’ve seen most vets that were deployed hate Muslims. I knew a 5 deployment, 14 year combat vet who would flip off every mosque he saw and scowl at Muslims. He wants to go back into the Army for the next Mid-East war.


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