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  1. One of the huge advantages Trump has had so far is that his enemies have been unbelievably stupid, and there they go again. Anyone who thinks that having a bunch of brown kids beating on a white piñata is going to do anything but increase Trump’s popularity is crazy, but of course, both the Left and the cuckservative Right have shown themselves to be utterly clueless when it comes to dealing with The Donald.

    I’ll be Trump laughed his ass off when he saw this.

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  2. It’s a funny, vicious circle. The left and the establishment f’ing LOATHE Trump. They HATE him so much they are unable to come up with any reasons for his support, so they stick with how stoopid his supporters must be. And they try some new tactic to bring him down, counting on the stoopidity of the TRUMPERs. Since they do not understand his support, this new tactic usually brings about additional support. Which drives them even crazier. This results in them thinking his supporters must be even stoopider than they thought. Which brings them to even worse tactics.

    Funny stuff. In a sense, Trump is using their blindness to their own faults to overcome them. Sounds like something straight from Sun Tzu.


    1. “Sounds like something straight from Sun Tzu.”

      Which I’d be willing to bet Trump has read. One of the funniest things about the Trump phenomenon is that he is a lot smarter, and a lot more well read, than most of the people who think that he’s stupid. Of course, that’s par for the course for the Left, anyone who disagrees with them is stupid, no matter how much they may have accomplished;

      Dwight Eisenhower commanded the largest Army the U.S has ever fielded, led it to victory in the most complex military operation eve, but he disagreed with the Left, so he was just stupid;

      Ronald Reagan served as Governor of the largest U.S. state in it’s most prosperous period, revitalized capitalism, and defeated the USSR without a nuclear holocaust, but he disagreed with the left, so he was just stupid;

      Donald Trump… well you get the idea. Let’s hope that President Trump is as stupid as the “stupid” guys who gave us D-Day, Operation Wetback, and the fall of the Berlin Wall

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  3. As of this posting, there are under 3K likes for that video, and over 16K dislikes.

    In other words, the mierda munchkins are outnumbered more than 5 to 1 by proud, real Americans.

    One of the greatest strategies of our “friends” in the (((media))) is to create a Potemkin majority.

    You can be sure they will try to downplay, outright deny, or even invert the numerical superiority demonstrated in the like counts on videos like this in order to create a false consensus, with the intention of scaring/pressuring the rest of the herd to fall in line with the Cathedral party line.

    Watch for it and be sure to point it out when they do.


  4. From a Vox Populi commenter:
    ”The video should shift the deportation crowd from ‘put them on the first bus back to Mexico’, to ‘use a catapult to get them there’. Honestly that video has to be the most inept use of children in propaganda in history.”
    Golden. Via the YouTube link (as of now): Like: 3,789 – Dislike: 19,737

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  5. When one contemplates the perceived audience for this video, here are two options:

    1. Directed at [w]hite liberals and non-Whites: But they already hate the Don, so to what end are they trying to achieve with this video, other than a big masturbatory fantasy (like the Eskimos with a Tarantino “kill the Naaaahzeees” movie)?
    2. Directed at White moderates: This will just turn them off, proving the stereotype of the ignorant brown invaders, making them lean more towards the Don than away from him.
    3. Directed at White AltRight: Just get them (us) fired up more.
    4. Directed at [w]hite NeoCons: Most likely target. They are cuckolded and will not want to be cast in the same light as the Don (as a “racist”), angering the brown invading potential GOP voting block (hahaha, dream on!).

    Target acquired.


      1. The problem with this is that the Repub die-hards that you say are the main target will vote for whomever has the magic R by their name. So,hilarious fail. I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump bought the piñata for them.


    1. “Virgin” shit-testing?

      It’s another case of: “Ignore what a woman says, watch what she actually does”

      And she says, if you can keep up with her intellectually, then she will dump you?

      Good decision, you dysgenic hoe.

      How many tattoos do you have on your ghetto butt?


    2. Phone in backpocket to enlargen butt….check.
      Posed in tight white jeans with butt profile facing camera…check
      Mudshark face…check
      Only dates blacks..check



    3. In 5 years: Add 50 pounds, 2 mixed-breed children, and those “I get beaten, a lot” empty eyes. See you in Section 8, b!tch! Have fun on your way down.


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