The Church Of Broken Souls

They even have a Minister of Fabulousness. In the battle for converts, one would have to give the edge to ISIS.



  1. I’m church of Christ. Typically, the ones who turn away because it’s “legalistic” or “sectarian” are the ones with daddy issues, whether they be male, female, or whatever that false prophet in the article identifies as. They crave approval, and since folks usually align their view of God with how they feel about their own fathers, when they hear things about God they don’t like, it sends them off the deep end. They go one of two ways: they either want to change their church to fit their personal, twisted views, or they start their own, with secular worldviews as its center.

    If your church agrees with the world and the world approves of your church, you’re doing something wrong.

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  2. To me, all of you are wrong about this one – she doesn’t fit the theme of this site.There’s a difference between socially constructed, propaganda-conditioned cultural suicide and Nature’s broad spectrum of sexual manifestations. This woman likely emerged from the womb with tattoos, and that’s got nothing to do with the slow/fast collapse of America. She is how Nature sometimes rolls – and it’s a beautiful thing, imho, a gardener / farmer who regularly marvels at the variability of Life that just wants to live.


  3. That one has had lots of publicity locally and internationally. Embarrassed that it’s occurring in my hometown. Unsurprised that an Episcopalian meeting house has made itself available for that particular spectacle. Doubt it will stay afloat for even five years, but I do find the abbreviation “House for ASS” quite fitting.


  4. It is sad that society has warped her this much… had she not fallen for the “lie of feminism,” had a father that loved her and a mother who taught her the value of motherhood, she’d be in a nice suburban house with 2.4 kids and carpooling to soccer practice in the afternoons – while her husband supported the family with a good job…


  5. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    Anti-Nature at its finest. What these lefties fail to understand is those on the right like us love nature. We love what nature made a woman to be, beautifully feminine. Is their anything better for us men than seeing that? Yet our women now think looking like this disgusting creature is cool and independent. It’s truly sickening what feminism has done to them.
    Look who’s responsible for feminism, if you haven’t already. What tribe has it been? The same tribe responsible for every other problem we face today in the west. Until they are defeated we will further decline into this sickness that they call progress.


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