Welcome, invert your norms

The Spanish at the bottom elevates this splash screen to parody. Can Whites mass boycott the entire American economy?



  1. Trying to, but it’s impossible. At this point it is just over the top at an insane level. It really is a parody level. I am having trouble doing any work at my ridiculous law job surrounded by fools and betas, even though I have people who depend on my being paid fiat dollars. Jesus H. Christ.


    1. I know “the internet’s my friend” (well, it’s supposed to be anyway), but I prefer the candor of putting my unfiltered puzzlements out there, so I ask: IS there a George Clooney/Halle Berry spy thriller coming out?

      Heck: IS THAT George Clooney and Halle Berry for reelz?


  2. On a more serious note, have you noticed the alternate universe banks and other financial institutions promote in their advertising and even the graphics in their folders and brochures in the lobby?

    If it isn’t a wise old black couple looking over their investment portfolio with well-earned satisfaction, it’s a black “father” smiling benignly at his black son, knowing that his future has been secured through expert-advised financial planning.

    The banks really know how to shovel the horse-shit.

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  3. Caveat to “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure” — If Fred Sanford won’t pick it up, it’s definitely Trash.


    1. Wait…maybe she’s not a “woman”. You know how sneaky those black trannies can be….

      “Bring your black tranny to Wells Fargo, we understand your needs, and we’re here to help”.


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