Literal Stereotype Threat




  1. a lot of these kids are animals. what people forget is that “special ed” kids, you know, crack babies & abused kids, end up having children as teens. & they certainly don’t raise their kids, so these 2nd generation savages wreak havoc on schools, ruining the education of all the other kids. they don’t get disciplined & these few bad apples really do spoil the bunch, because the other kids see how lawless the school really is. that’s why some want the deputy re-instated.

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  2. If we’re being honest here, the problem is not poverty or fatherless homes or drugs. Those are symptoms. Non-Whites in our living space is the problem.

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  3. Good thing there weren’t any cops there, else there’d be another unemployed officer. We all know that the chimps are not responsible for chimpouts, only white people are.


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