F You Son!

“Caiden”. Gotta love those androgynous names.

ps this shitlib dad is not getting grandkids from caiden, bank on it.



  1. Alright, now I’m mad. This has got to be the worst thing I’ve seen on this site. This is truly a farewell to america, because this photo really captures exactly how it is Being destroyed. I was having a good day until this, now I’m disgusted.

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    1. Robert, I hate to say it, but let this genetic line die out. Many such losses are coming in the extreme soon all over the world. Do you really want this type as your only ally in 25 years? I’d rather have a select few remnants who I can trust with my life to rally around then a couple million more useless ladymen traitors just because they are white. Any day of the week.

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      1. Amen to that, Casticz. The West (and Japan) is POZ, and the rest of the world’s populations are just outright disgusting. Let the culling of the herd begin.

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      2. I get what your saying. Its just that I see this small normal looking blonde child being corrupted, and I think he could have been the next John Wayne for all we know.but we never will….

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  2. I read this BS a few days ago… this is why we MUST have a return of the bullies… bullies hurt, but they made everyone into the people that society can use, not the trans-fag/shim/penile-pussy kids we are already seeing…

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  3. Look at how that slob of a man presents himself: sandals, shorts with a long-sleeved, cheap plastic windbreaker; a child’s baseball cap, turned backwards; ratty beard, some trashy tattoos, a woman’s iPhone (does he own a selfie stick?) and a disproportionate figure; a meaty torso on spindly legs.

    He looks like somebody puked into a bag full of hammers.

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  4. what a terrible father. when he saw his “son” becoming obsessed with elsa, he should have shown his son the batman the animated series episodes with mr. freeze. a man with the same powers as elsa. or even steered the kid towards captain cold, another man with the same ice powers.


  5. The real problem here is not whether the dad is working out a regular basis. The problem is the decisions are being made by the little kid. When little kids this age express a desire to act out a female role, the dad (“man”) should be there to show that the option isn’t available. It’s called parenting, and people used to do it all the time.

    Dad should lightly guide the boy to gender appropriate play, including Halloween costuming. If light guidance doesn’t dissuade the lad, then heavier guidance is used. That’s an example of how kids learn their role in life, and many learning moments, properly handled, lead to a (gasp!) normal, well-adjusted adult.

    This nonsense in the photo is practically child-abuse, will result in confusion if indulged indefinitely, and can’t lead to any healthy outcome. And if the dad is dressing as a female for Halloween because the little boy suggested it, he is an unfit parent. Period. This kid desperately needs a real father.

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  6. How is this outfit NOT “slutty”?

    Who lets their daughter run around in diaphanous see-thru shoulders? In its adult equivalent, how would this “dress” stay up? It’s a child-fit kitsch version of makebelieve 19th Century slutwear. A girl shouldn’t wear it.

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    1. Have you seen what mothers are letting (I say letting because they are walking right next to them) they 12-16 year old daughters? I am so tempted to walk up to the mothers and lay some serious shame game on them, but to what end? To have store security escort me out? I have seen teens with skin-tight yoga pants up every crevice. The other day I saw a 10ish year old girl with nothing on below the waist but a pair of skin-tight, supper small, shorts. I was so pissed! These fat pigs letting (probably encouraging) their daughters to be the whores they always wanted to be. Compare these teen pre-sluts with the Amish girls, and it is like being on different planets.

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  7. Reblogged this on Remember The 14 Words. and commented:
    Let me ask all those that constantly blame the Jew. Do you see a Jew with a gun to this fathers head in this picture making him do this sick shit? No you don’t, it’s time we took a serious look at our own people. Until we do that we’ll never get whites back on track. Yes the Jew has damaged us but that’s because white men became weak. Look at this pathetic white father, he deserves to be named and shamed for doing this to his son.


    1. You’re correct in that many problems lie within the White mind now- pathological altruism, feminism, gender confusion, addiction to entertainment and trivia in place of serious thinking, etc. But YKW got the ball rolling in most cases; it’s sad we’re so easy to distract and confuse.

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    1. Study that whore’s face, men. She is the end of our race. Thousands of years of struggle for civilization and whores like this one are bringing it all down at shocking speed.


  8. While this next picture doesn’t involve America, it soon will be if we, as a race, don’t wake up:

    German volunteer helps “refugees” with paperwork into Germany. She looks like she’s ready to be “culturally enriched.”

    when will you wake up white man?


    1. “German” girl is a traitor who thinks she is a saint, no doubt. “Please take over our country, we welcome you.” Germany is finished. Nary a shot was fired. What would Bismarck say?


  9. Lyndee up there is the face of racial twilight. With whores like her on the prowl for “brown boys” we must truly be living in the last days…she must have generations of White women before her twisting in shame and agony in their graves.


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