1. I thought it was a picture of black worms then I realized it was a head. Good God, these young white girls are so easily played by the brainwashing machine, it’s gross. Soon enough they will be murdered by their Othellos. I feel sick. Is this the way it’s going to be? I don’t see anyone doing anything about it or even thinking it’s possible to do something about it. We do have some of the smartest people in this world who are oriented towards saving our race, and loving ourselves – even they have not been able to provide any answers or advice. You know, the ones who are so damn articulate it’s not possible for anti-white interviewers to make them look bad – so they are branded “the intellectual face of hate” or some crap. Those guys. I will say that I don’t think we will see the young Greek girls doing this on much level without getting a bitchslap from some Golden Dawn “Nawtzzees” – I doubt they’d even want to. For some reason Americans seem more susceptible. We’ve been worked on more zealously and for longer. Put it this way – The Cosby Kids, The Jeffersons, and Good Times weren’t showing on Greek TV back in the ’70s. It wasn’t “cool” to talk like Jimmy “Dynomite”. Ugh. I dunno what to make of it, but it will be the death of us. And the girl in the picture is just beautiful (outside), really lovely to look at but with severe confusion.

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      1. ” Good God, these young white girls are so easily played by the brainwashing machine, it’s gross.”

        Guess what — they’re not even brainwashed.

        They just go for it.


  1. Google her name ‘bahfswagxo’. She’s ugly and obviously stupid. They are both low breeders, in a civilised world neither of them would be allowed to reproduce.

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    1. You can see the hate in that nigger’s eyes. He would murder me with a machete if he saw me jogging without feeling a scintilla of hesitation the very first second he thought he would not get in trouble for it.

      He literally HATES white people, men and women, and blames us for his 75 IQ. He knows in his heart that he’s not up to human standards (as does my dog). Every time he fucks her it’s a major hate fuck, and fuck that stupid slut for doing this to her people.


      1. Well Maggie,

        It’s called a gut reaction. The reason we have them is because they are right more often than not. Many times more often.

        You can choose to ignore your own if you like. Mother Nature doesn’t care.


  2. Doesn’t look very passionate to me. Just compare that to the famous “VJ Day” kiss…

    Not only is this “Fuck you, Dad!” I’d be willing to bet that’s ALL it is…


    1. ROFL. When Nigerians are saying evil spirits shout “Blood of Jesus!!” when they see you, you’re fuckin ugly. Case closed.


    1. LULZ for all her “I love you Mughumba” attention whoring, the look on her face looks like someone just set a turd on her shoulder.


  3. Yeah, I am guessing that she is the one with the job and car. In almost EVERY interracial situation that I witness (normally, as we know, it is [w]hite woman and negro man), the woman is driving the car while the baboon is slouched over and down in the passenger seat, and the woman is paying for everything when they are out. A black man is just a different form of cat or dog to these insane women, with the same basic scenario – white woman houses them, feeds them, buys them toys, and treats them like real humans. A black man is nothing more than a bigger cat/dog that she is legally allowed to sleep with, and that may end up killing her, but otherwise basically the same.

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    1. Yeah, I am guessing that she is the one with the job and car. In almost EVERY interracial situation that I witness (normally, as we know, it is [w]hite woman and negro man), the woman is driving the car while the baboon is slouched over and down in the passenger seat, and the woman is paying for everything when they are out.

      Sorry for necroposting but, as an aside, this is one of the reasons BM/WF couples seem much more common than they are. Fro every no-account buck you see being chauffeured around by a white girl in her car, there are many, many WM/WF couples you do not see because the WM has his own car.


  4. Hannah Graham has the most disturbed eyebrows I’ve ever seen.

    They take the “the thinner the eyebrows, the crazier the chick” rule and arch it to another level . . . R.I.P. and everything . . . .


    1. Hannah Graham

      From all accounts from the night of the crime a woman with incredibly poor judgement — probably drunk, out wandering alone “looking for a party”. Of course that should not be a death sentence. But it is more likely to lead to trouble when you are in that state around feral Blacks.

      Hannah Graham disappearance: What we know


      1. We protect our daughters from the dangers out there; raise them in safe suburbs, around decent human beings, while the media paints the illusion that the world outside the gates is full of oppressed minorities and evil, white rapists.

        Then they go out into the real world, and their threat-assessment calibration is completely off as to what’s actually going on out there. How many lectures was she given by her college about drunken frat boys who wanted to “rape” her? How few were given about the vicious animals prowling our streets, looking for somebody who’s momentarily alone and vulnerable?

        We can split hairs over how safe or unsafe the world is today compared to a century back, but at the end of the day, paranoia keeps you safe. All of our young, but women especially, need to be taught not to wander alone at night on empty streets.


  5. I personally love this kind of unintentional candor. It is a very good thing when women unequivocally disqualify themselves from any serious male investment at such a young age. The trash takes itself out early, thereby avoiding wasting the time, resources and energy of well-intentioned men of solid character. Much ruin and misery is avoided this way.

    When someone tells you the truth about themselves, believe them. This woman has told a profound truth about herself which will thankfully be around forever. Before the web, these poor risk women could hide their pasts. No longer. Hail progress!


    1. “When someone tells you the truth about themselves, believe them.”

      This. We could have avoided a Hell of a lot of trouble in the last fifty years just by taking people at their word, rather than trying to figure out what they were “really” trying to say.


  6. I honestly wonder how these ignorant ppl in the comments live. Oh well, ur generation will be decreased in a couple of years and a better generation as myself will replace u. Rip to all racists


    1. A better generation you say…? A generation of 70 IQ mongrels it will be. Controlled like putty by the jews. And you will be so stupid that the jews won’t even have to try to deceive you… you are so easy. You will need to be spoon fed… literally, because you’ll be so stupid that you won’t even be able to find your mouth without help. And good luck trying to make sense of the inventions of the White man, because you won’t understand. Look at South Africa. Niggers are getting the shits and other nasties because they don’t know how to repair the water plants… their rivers are getting more and more contaminated. Just 25 years ago, they used to have a working country…
      And please search “african aviation” or “african space programs”, you’ll see the failures that they are. Like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkiUCaHaTj0
      In case you don’t know, real airplanes don’t takeoff like that. They rise and at the same time, they retract their wheels. They don’t use ramps or any weird shit like that.
      This is a real takeoff, with a REAL plane. It’s a cargo plane that seems to be Russian or Ukrainian. Countries with lots of “evil” White men.

      And this is another plane that takes off in a VERTICAL way. Vertical means that it rises like this |, and not like —.

      Made by evil White men.

      In case you want to see an oversized toy plane crashing again:

      Made by a Black man. It can’t even take off without help of a ramp. And it’s like his 13rd attempt. Tell him that the Wright brothers already invented the plane more than 100 years ago, please.
      See that?


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