Table For One (Very Important Spinster)



  1. She’s sitting alone because she got spit-roasted by some swarthy locals and they didn’t wanna stick around to see her in the morning. She self-medicates her loneliness by snapping the gratuitous attention-whoring selfie.


  2. What ever happened to taking a vacation for the experience alone? For millennials it doesn’t count for shit unless they have uploaded updates to brain-damaging social sites.


  3. I’ve met women who travel solo. There’s always something invariably sad and ‘off’ about them. They seem lost.


    1. Gee, I wonder how Google Images would auto-tag that first one? Also, you can plainly see the “Fuck You Dad” smirk on that bitch’s face.


  4. There was a time when eating out alone you were considered a loser. See the old Steve Martin movie The Lonely Guy. The restaurant scene is good.


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