Infant Soldiers



  1. Any single childless white man out there needs to just say fuck it. It’s clear they want to make white men the new negro and emasculate him. This pic shows a white chic with a black daddy. Beautiful white pussy and soft fair white skin cultivated for countless generations destroyed for some black thug dick. White men are not alpha to these white woman anymore. Having a job, paying taxes, voting being a good father mean jack shit to these sluts. This is what happened to the black community except now it’s white women the black thugs are ruining and turning into coal burning mudsharks. I see it all the time. White woman with mud babies in tow, single moms who are looking for a white guy with a degree.. The same nerd who is now good enough to pay for Leroys thug spawn. These white women should have had a dad beat their ass.


    1. I think if you moved with your wealth to Russia or Ukraine, then that would be your best chance to have slender white women that actively court YOU for your commitment. You would be considered the prize over there.

      In my area, and domestic dating sites are a wasteland. White beta providers will not get much attention, if any, from ideal mates here in the US.

      On the other hand, if you use a legit overseas dating site, then you will get a much higher aesthetic quality to your potential mates, as well as the quantity to choose from. The site I’m using is mostly Asian profiles (primarily Filipinas) with some Ukrainian and Russian women.

      However, I’m still (rightfully) paranoid that most women are hypergamous gold-digging bitches. I’ve had a few of these attractive Ukrainian/Russian women initiate email contact with me.

      So, I shit-tested one of them recently to determine if they were just trying to get me to send them money. Surprisingly, she passed the test by claiming she makes enough money as a nurse and wasn’t a prostitute.

      Study RooshV, and you might have a chance in the East to create a traditional, stable family.
      If you bring her to the US, then you’ll practically have to force her to live in an Amish luddite community before her exposure to our poz’d culture ruins your relationship.


      1. “On the other hand, if you use a legit overseas dating site, then you will get a much higher aesthetic quality to your potential mates.”


        “Study RooshV”

        Study a darkie who uses game? Might as well be a nigger, right?


    2. I have seen a massive decrease in mudsharks here in Missouri since the Ferguson chimpout. I used to see all sorts of mudsharkery at public events, but on the 4 of July I saw hardly any. I only saw older mudsharks with thier mongloids, but I did not see any young girls…


  2. For those who don’t get it, look at the skin color of both parents.

    The mother is white and the father is black. It’s a card or book pushing miscegenation.


      1. I think a lot of us were left scratching our heads over this one because we assumed the characters were children, not the parents.


    1. Well, at least Jennifer Connolly is hitting the “wall” now, so the miscegenation in this flick won’t seem as glamorous to younger female audiences.

      Regarding the plot, I predict that the Nigerian mandingo will get deported, then set up a bunch of fake profiles on Western dating websites posing as an attractive female, and scam beta simp white knights into sending money to him so that he can finance smuggling himself back here.


      1. “Well, at least Jennifer Connolly is hitting the “wall” now…”

        The only one hitting the wall is you, flinging shit.


  3. I’m not so sure about this one. Maybe the color is off on my screen, but I didn’t automatically think “black” when I saw the dad. To me he just looks like he has a somewhat darker complexion. He still has European features (to the extent they come through in a cartoon) and he has pink spots on his cheeks, which blacks wouldn’t have.


    1. Since it’s in the Limey market (“mummy”), and he has non-Afro hair, he’s probably a Paki. They tried to obfuscate it with brown hair instead of black, and the pink spots (as you mentioned), but the message is still there: Fuck You Whitey, and Fuck Yo Momma.


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