Tragedies Bring Out That Millennial Spirit



  1. The real tragedy is she has to shoulder the burden of her beta faggot “boyfriend” while she wistfully pines for the alpha stud who pumped and dumped her.

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  2. After traveling to the interior of the US for the first time in twelve years – Chicago, northern Ohio, Minnesota, Sioux Falls… – the grotesqueness of the inhabitants is genuinely revolting. I had no idea JUST how bad it is with the fat, entitled, sassy “girls” who seem to be transitioning into Orcs. At its best moments, the current vibe of the country is unpleasant. This guy is left dangling off some sub-mediocre chic’s shoulders – but look at the alternatives! Almost seems reasonable.

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    1. I just got back from a trip to Colorado via automobile. All I can say is America is full of ugly people. Many old and ugly, young and ugly. Many can’t speak clearly or act as if they have a brain. The pronghorns on the way were something to appreciate though. Alex


  3. What really gets me is I was that man just a few short years ago. I didn’t know any better. Any time a girl showed the slightest affection I would desperately cling to her emotionally and physically, like a boy holding his mama tight, because I thought that being with her was security.

    Deep down, subconsciously, I knew something was wrong. But I was so indoctrinated by the mainstream narrative there was no way this feeling was ever going to surface on its own. Only after discovering outposts like these did I realize: I’m the security. The woman is supposed to cling to me.

    This classic post sums it up nicely:


  4. I was in downtown Portland this past Sunday and saw something similar to this. I saw a young lady sitting upright on the park bench and her boyfriend was laying on that bench such that his head was in the lady’s lap.

    Have the millennial males collectively lost their masculinity?

    Also, whats the deal with this idiot at some college (i forget which one) who called well-defined muscularity to be “toxic masculinity”? Do guys in college actually take this shit seriously?


    1. I dunno. Sometimes a lap makes a good pillow. To tell you the truth, I’d rather be resting my head on her lap, than the other way around. If her head’s on my lap, it’s difficult to get up in a hurry. Although the results can be amusing.


      1. My policy: no such behavior in public. Hold hands sometimes, smack on the ass or jokingly on the face, but that’s it. Head in lap is for fucking junkies.


    2. Portland, OR, sports the greatest quantity of pajama-boy manlets I’ve seen anywhere. Portland women are so famished for real men with muscles and strong posture/body language, they will approach YOU in droves if you look and act even somewhat masculine. I heart Portland.


  5. Look on the bright side. When the time comes, that will be our opposition. Noodle armed, feminized, hipster faggots. How can we possibly lose?


  6. The more you look at this picture the more symbolic it gets. The male encircling the female in a posture of trust, vulnerability and need; the female scans the horizon in communion with her dominant role and responsibility to create a vision of the future. A perfect inversion of gender roles.


    1. The look on her face is one of mild exasperation. It says “give me a break!”. The guy, by his actions, appears to be totally oblivious to her reaction.


  7. Disgusting. I must share this. Of this image, I say:

    “Young Western men are transformed into absolutely pathetic versions of their forbears. Our collective weakness screams for submission to some other culture’s conquest.”


  8. Context is everything. I don’t see the problem with this situation. It could be that the guy did something wrong and is trying to apologize, while the girl is still angry about what he did and so is ignoring him. Men are not infallible.


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