To Be Relocated To Her Studio Apartment



      1. Nope not only ISIS, in every large European city where there is a large number of Muslims, the number of rape goes up because most rapes are done by Muslims.

        Don’t rely on the main stream media to inform you about such inconvenient facts. It is the main stream media’ job to HIDE those facts from the public.


  1. Going to Trump today. He’s in town. Don’t pay attention to the ravings of these idiots. It’s what they need to orgasm apparently. Simply log it in your head and when it hits the fan, no help, no mercy, no love for them. But give everything you have for your friends and allies.

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  2. re non-white immigration to white countries — if you’ve ever wondered “when is enough enough?”, here is proof of what you may have already begun to suspect: for some, the answer is “never”


  3. George Melly, the late English trad jazz homosexual raconteur/singer, called his most famous book, “Revolt into Style”. The title encapsulating the risk free posturing displayed by the modern “justice” kook. What he Wilde or Auden would have made of the fundament obsessed arse martyrs,who claim them as their heroes, is anybodys guess. Nothing good i suspect.

    Like the geldof charity types, it is moral exhibitionism. Akin to “flashing”, more commonly known as indecent exposure. Only with no legal or societal penalties. So far.

    Akin to the “looks at me”, our old friend kunta kinte displays in all aspects of his life cycle.
    More to be pitied, than laughed at.
    That bonkers bint took time out of her life to write that imbecilic non battlecry. How very sad. That it has come to this.
    It’s not exactly Robert Burns…

    “To A Louse
    On seeing one on a Lady’s bonnet at Church.”

    O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us
    To see oursels as others see us
    It wad frae monie a blunder free us
    An’ foolish notion
    What airs in dress an’ gait wad lea’e us
    An’ ev’n Devotion

    And he was drunker than a Celt at Christmastime on days with an a in the name.

    She would profit from only a dim understanding of those six lines.
    The gift she and her type appear to have aquired, is a P.H.D certificate from The University of Mogadishu.

    The de-evolution will be televised.
    Has been for a good while now.

    In a perfect world, the Brontes would appear, wearing steel toe cap boots, and kick the sh*t out of her.


  4. A disproportionate fraction of these “refugees” are young, single, swarthy males….
    Just wondering. wondering…. How much would her altruism evaporate if we were being invaded by hordes of young, slim, female refugees from Europe?
    thoughts anyone?


    1. That was just Sam Hyde discussing the Muslim road trip to Europe, on the Gavin McInnes show in late Sept 2015, if anybody wants to track it down.


    1. Au contraire shuggie.
      Just a few days ago an out of africa mandrill fresh to the area, 30 pounds heavier and a foot taller, who i’d never encountered previously, made the decicion to grab my right shoulder from behind, for reasons known only to itself and Joseph Conrad. Trapping its paw with my left hand i locked its offending foreleg, simultaneously delivering a venomous knuckle sandwich to its muzzle.
      It retreated pdq, ooking in alarm, before i could fashion a more elaborate set of physical follow up rejoinders. Fun while it lasted. No hard feelings. No feelings at all.

      You i’d contend, would find fighting sleep a cause for a lifetime of ptsd flashbacks.

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    2. Yeah Middle Easterners are terrifying. Look at all the Olympic medals they win with their superior athleticism, and all the belts they hold in boxing and mma. It’s WAY above zero.


  5. The hands holding the sign make me suspect this is a “person” with high melanin count. In that case what do you expect? They signal their anti white allegiance.


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