1. Respect women? And when will women start respecting men? this age of feminism is all about disrespecting men ( in every tv ad or tv show the husband is an out of shape idiot), and even oppressing men ( think divorce court )

      White males are the least respected demographic group in this crazy age.


    2. You’re right love.
      That train left the station a while back, presupposing you ever had a ticket. Fuck windsock perhaps.
      He is though!
      With his legs as smooth as his armpits no doubt.

      As an aside, as a baptized Catholic, id like to offer an apology for the antics of the poof peddling, monkey whisperer, blocking traffic and farting banalities.
      Fuck the pope!
      Ship all your nogs, wogs, border jumpers and homo humpers to Argentina as refugees, Euro style.
      Say the pope said it was kosher.
      It’s the Christian thing to do.


    1. All you have to to is paste the photo URL in your comment (it has to end in /photo.jpg or /photo.gif ect)
      Just like this:

      Works for (full, not youtu.be/xxxx) YouTube URLs too!


  1. Left this same comment at the Chateau, but relevant here, as well:

    I just wonder if at some point in the past Boehner’s PR advisors told him that crying in public would endear him to the female voters by making him look more ‘sensitive’ or something? Or did he just come to this conclusion himself? Because there’s no way a man “cries” in public like he does naturally.

    So boring.


    1. It’s an inverted expression of masculinity, psychologically no different than the hipster faggot sporting a hot pink shirt to prove his security.

      Boner is a disgrace to his people, an embarrassment to his country and an insult to God.


    1. A nuclear war could be raging on the screens back there, but who would notice? Now that is entertaining news in any language.


  2. Mother of God. That skinny, nasty-ass monkey is Boehner’s son-in-law? I had no idea. Well, that explains why he bursts into tears every 20 minutes. It may also explain his insistence on sporting that deep, rich, ebony tan year-round. Obviously a troubled man.


  3. I don’t care enough to look into his whole sordid story, but I honestly suspect Boner, his crying, and his daughters situation are all part of a demoralization psyop.

    It’s all just a little too much.

    But then again, at this point, actual American men are beyond parody, so who knows.


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