1. She’s already a sporting a fifteen-cock stare, at least. And note the hair: you know she flips it back with dramatic sensuality a hundred times a day.


  1. All this idiocy, hypocrisy and double think. This denial of basic reality for ego and status seeking.

    What does it say about the parasite attacking Western society??

    My God the stupidity and dishonesty staggers the mind. Proud slut??

    The guy holding the sign would NEVER have a relationship with one, let alone marry one or be proud of one. But he’ll hold a sign praising one for you to see!!!


    1. Yes, because Ivana during their divorce once said that sex with Donald Trump was almost like rape. When this came back up recently she said that it was simply something she said in the tumult of a nasty divorce and that she thinks Trump would be a great president.

      That stupid shitskin skank doesn’t care either way, it’s just good enough to get people to pay attention to her.


  2. She’s too young to remember when a rapist was a Democratic president.

    However she may have the pleasure of being old enough to remember when a rapist is the First Gentleman.


  3. Funny how the female Dem frontrunner gloatingly defended a rapist in court, and the male Dem frontrunner said all women have rape fantasies.

    If Trump was running Democrat, this girl wouldn’t care if he actually was a rapist. Kids like this are just that brainwashed.

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  4. “When a rapist is a Republican front runner???” you mean just like when a rapist was a Democrat front runner and became a two term president?

    Where were the feminists back then? Lets face it, when Hillary did everything she could to destroy any woman who came forward all she did was continue to promote the same rape culture.


    1. Thumbs up for digging up dirt on this creep. Colonel Sanders – a nasty angry demagogue. His palpable rage is probably due in large measure to an inability to act out on his lurid fantasies while still remaining in public office. Only a state teeming with shit liberal cucks would elect this frothing at the mouth lunatic to public office.

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      1. I’m no Republican, but I would enjoy the schadenfreude from seeing them seize on this nugget. Then again, if being a lifelong, avowed Marxist doesn’t sully your name in the public eye nothing will (unless he said ‘nigger’ once in the 60’s).


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