1. After Fag-Gates (cuck holotype candidate) destroyed windows, every laptop produced other than macs are shit (macs, too, what I’m writing this on, are shit. You can feel the IQ it’s built for.)


  2. Not sure I understand the point of the picture. But the grammar is awful: one uses an adverb (differently) to modify a verb. Just one more sign that standards are slipping!


    1. Ask her who she would rather as her neighbor – Trump or 10,000 refugees. The amazing thing is the people who most embrace the mantras and slogans of diversity are the people who can handle it the absolute least. This is why Jews are so big into this. If Jews had to live amongst it, they would wet their pants and quickly move to the boonies with Bubba.

      This old pathetic democrat chick would be one the phone from day 1 with police complaining about how they are loud, throw trash everywhere, and steal things from outside her home. Day 2 there would be a for sale sign and she would move to Texas or Montana where she would immediately join a liberal diversity group promoting bringing in more others to these horrible white communities.

      These types are more mentally defective then the homos.


    1. Someone whose thirsty should just reply “well why not make it an even 100? Here’s my number.”

      The funny thing is think of the math on this. It’s not slut shaming it’s a natural revulsion to someone who literally bangs anyone who talks to her for her whole life without taking any money like a prostitute. Let’s say she is around 28 and started at 16. 99/12 is a little over 8 a year. Let that sink in. That is a new dic every one and one half months. Any long term boyfriends, dry spells, etc. make that even less. So she basically went out every weekend during college and banged a new strange. Partook in a few orgies, etc. Classy.

      At least an escort has the good sense to not brag about it.


    1. Forget your moral outrage. Don’t hate these people. This is clearly Grade A mental illness. Two fat middle aged guys who were normal in the slightest would not put on these outfits and trance around in public for free. Not happening. What you should attack is this filthy society that takes the mentally ill and other worthy of pity and parades them around for sport.

      What is the difference between this and clearing out a local mental institution, dressing them like fairy tale creatures and have them frolic in the streets? Nothing, except people would feel sorry for the patients and hate towards the puppet masters.

      Still they are functioning adults and should be beaten despite their insanity. Do you actually trust these two to not hurt some child if left alone with them? To not lurk in some rest stop bathroom waiting to pass AIDS to smaller men who happen by? There was a reason these people were shunned and imprisoned until very recently. Mental illness classifications at least gave them an excuse for not being considered monsters on the spot.


    1. We western nations are now the village idiot of the world.

      Everyone else in the world is pointing his finger and laughing at us.

      The above photo pretty much says : “combat ready? no of course not! but ready to be invaded? yes we are! Just wipe your feet before you come in please.”


    2. Wowzers, first row, second from the right; Doesn’t that kid look a bit too old to still be doing that?
      As in ‘potty trained’? Yeah, yeah, natural and all that shit, guess what else is natural? Weaning!


    1. Streisand effect in action. The Facebook page of that organization just quadrupled in the past few days. To my shock, someone in my friends list had liked it. I just saw another post something from Britain First.


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