1. Crazy how the sorts of freaks that circuses once put on display are now accepted as the norm.

      “Come see the Bearded lady… The half man half woman… The tattooed wonder… The one-ton behemoth! Come one, come all to the United States! The biggest freak show on planet earth!”

      God knows the “freaks” of tomorrow will be a married WASP couple with three kids…

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  1. “We decide….what beauty means to us.” Absolutely, and that is your right. No one is arguing that you are not allowed to consider yourself beautiful. Please do so.
    Unfortunately for you, men are also allowed to decide what beauty means to us. And, except for a handful of supplicant fat-fetish feeder types, men find women like you, for a variety of reasons, absolutely repulsive.
    Again, please consider yourself beautiful, and please continue to ignore/flout/ridicule traditional standards of femininity and attractiveness.
    But…while you are sitting on your sofa, eating cream cheese and pepperoni and wondering which one of your folds of flesh that smell is coming from, I’ll be out with that blonde cheerleader who wears a size two and runs half marathons.

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  2. Her arms look like the side of an inner city subway train. Did some “youths” confuse her for one and inadvertently tag her with colorful gang graffiti?


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