1. some man is riding a bike with his woman, wtf is wrong with that? maybe if she was blowing the dog, i could see a problem. but there’s nothing wrong with this. maybe the dog is sick. is it just an anti-bicycle picture? he’s not some fat neckbeard on a rascal, is that better for america?

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    1. I’m with you. I don’t see what’s so wrong. It’s a crowded city, and it’s probably the safest way to get the dog from one place to another without stuffing it in a car. She ain’t that unattractive, and he doesn’t look like a particularly sorry specimen. It’s not even a given that they’re together.


    2. Some people would prefer that he be riding around with a divorce-happy 200lb hosebeast because ‘at least she white’. Those people are called fools.


  2. OK, here’s what’s wrong with the photo. Usually a couple bicycling with a third party who is not able to ride a bike would be two parents with their baby or young child on the back in a baby or child chair. Secondly, the guy looks like a beta-weenie, and the whole bike riding with the helmet in the middle of the city, is totally fucking annoying. Every day I drive I encounter hordes of these assholes taking up the entire road at 15mph thinking they are cars. For those who don’t condone whites marrying non-whites, it is yet more evidence that thousands of years of evolution is being wantonly cast off like an unappreciated and unrecognized useless artifact instead of a miracle. A miracle because it took a lot to get here and his ancestors managed to get him here. Same goes for her, but people from the far east aren’t being killed off like we are and there are a billion left instead of 15% of the world population. Another annoyance — they aren’t doing the one thing that could help their race which is to have white children! Obviously she can’t but that’s part of the argument. Why? Because they don’t care. Nobody cares.

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  3. The saddest thing is that so many people can’t see what is wrong with this photo. Here’s a hint – whites used to be 30% of the world’s population, now it is 8%. 95% of what mankind has invented comes from whites. We are indeed entering a new dark age.

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  4. I have to agree with the other posters who find this a less impressive post. Not laughing.

    Firstly, there’s not enough information to establish that this man doesn’t have children, or that he is married to the lady (they could just be unrelated commuters on the same route), or what the story is with the dog.

    Secondly, to the first commenter, unless you’re wearing some magic glasses, the lady is hardly clear enough in this image to judge whether she’s attractive or not.


    1. Nope. It’s very clear. She’s overweight and her face is…well, post wall. That’s very easy to see if you know what Asians actually look like.

      The big joke among Asian men is that the white boys always pick the ugly ones. This picture shows no exception to that observation.


  5. Shit, Tyrone. Get it together:

    1. If he’s lucky, he’ll spawn one conflicted, midget half-breed.
    2. He probably won’t even get that far. His waifu is probably fucking the dog.

    Dude might as well just bash his testes with a hammer.

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