1. When each woman who makes these choices, and every man that supports them, are recognized as the whores and cucks that they are, there will be justice. When the Cuckstian churches and the cuckservative party are gutted, their cancerous practitioners strung up and removed from power and life, there will be justice. When the SJW trolls who control the media, academia, the police and the military are treated to the final solution that they would impose upon their enemies, there will be justice.

    I wish upon my enemies only what they wished upon me.

    The future is coming, justice is coming.

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  2. Good riddance. Let the damaged, low-IQ white girls take themselves out of our breeding pool as young as possible. BTW, where is the picture of the white guys hanging on the black girls? Oh yeah, I forgot, black females are the least desirable cohort on the planet.

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      1. They’ve barely grown boobs yet. Writing them off is inexcusable. Hell, any man wouldn’t break a sweat to kick all three of their monkey asses. But as the post title says, those girls don’t have men for fathers.

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      2. One more thing: Those girls aren’t just removing “themselves” from our breeding pool. They’re removing three young white men as well. Three white men who will end up with Asians or mexicans, which may not be the worst thing to happen to them, but still not the best. Meanwhile, the three corresponding African females aren’t removed from their pool, as they will continue to get knocked up by whatever random ‘brotha’ displays his royal-purple ass at them.

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      3. And your solution is….? We all know you’re not going to kick monkey’s asses, keyboard warrior. I fuck white girls. So do my friends. My sons and their friends do, too. And none of these white girls would have one goddamned thing to do with dindus. If these bottom-tier coal-burning refugees from nature’s dumpster want to fuck blacks, fine by me. I can shun and avoid white chicks who fuck blacks, but I won’t pity them and I damn sure can’t change ’em.


    1. The primary blame rests on the fathers. Yes, niggypiggies should be shamed, but never forget the father for he is the one most deserves a horsewhipping.


      1. Whipping indeed. You think older white men find this distasteful? These girls are already LOATHED by every single one of these boys mothers, churchgoing grannies, sisters, female cousins and friends as well as all male relatives and friends who can’t land white girls.

        Nice work, dad. You coward.


      2. Niggypiggies…. Good one.

        That age is tough for young white boys. As members of an r-selected quick-maturing fast-breeding race, young black males are generally more physically advanced and athletic than their white peers. Combine that with their extra aggressiveness and a culture that worships all things black, and it’s easy to see why stupid, uninformed young girls are tempted to burn the coal.

        That’s why a white girl’s father must educate and segregate.


      3. Hosswire,

        Congrats on admitting what few will. Train your sons to fight. And train yourself to verbally combat the parents of weak children of are coddled by being around only wike children,


  3. There was a time in the White West when the Africans would have been hanged, and the girls severely beaten. The Time, White Men, has returned. Seize your heritage, and begin anew.

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      1. Yeah, the smile on the middle one looks kind of forced. She may be realizing what she’s gotten herself into…


  4. The young have been indoctrinated to believe that what’s on the outside doesn’t matter.
    Thus, ugly boys are no longer at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting white girls, and
    black males now know this. Black girls, sadly, just get jumped.


    1. It must be brutal and humiliating to be a white boy in a middle school with a black population. Watching all the pretty white girls swoon over regarded monkeys because MTV has got their soft little minds thinking it’s cool. Seeing their open disdain for you. Damn this generation of white boys better wake up and start throwing fists or we are a genetic relic in 100 years

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  5. I cant wait to see the look on their faces when they find out white men like me won’t provide or protect them when the brown and black horde turns on them.


    1. Not sure about that. Those girls would probably prefer death in an abusive relationship anyway.

      What’s the statistic for women in battered victims’ shelters going back to their abusive man, instead of finding a beta husband? 80 percent?


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