1. I don’t think even a condom would be enough protection from whatever that um, uh, ‘person’ has.
      My money is on ‘trap’.


  1. Vegetarian… Ha ha. Even with all that other crazy shit to list, a vegetarian can’t help but announce it is a vegetarian.

    I wonder how many generations of dysgenic selection it took to arrive at a specimen with that level of dysfunctionality? I guess the good news is that the family line (probably) stops with that thing.


    1. Yup. The bad news is, an r selected nig nog with 5 baby mommas is less of a Darwinian failure than Sir Isaac Newton. True story.


  2. And a very special thank you to Theodore Adorno, Erich Fromm, and all our friends at The Frankfurt School for making this possible. [Golf clap].


  3. There just has to be something in the water? Right? Or is Cthulu ringing the siren for Lemmings to freak out and spasm scream until a fiery death?

    If one were going to describe end times does not the modern world of the last 10 years or so come close? World Wars, nukes, plagues. These you can survive apparently. But give women and nogs too much say and we literally breed ourselves into mutant monsters bent on our own horrific destruction.


  4. ya, this is the shit that would make her grandpa’s puke.

    to fight a war for freedom, to come back to build a country into a powerhouse and to have this shit running like wild.

    i swear Alpha’s become more rare and rare, by the second cause of shit heads like.. whatever the fuck this things name was, i cant bring myself to scroll up to like at it again.


  5. I am grateful that I don’t have much longer to live. This world and me are through with each other. The changes to western society over the past 30 years have been so rapid and so profound, I am just left quite literally sickened and bewildered by almost everything I see.

    I don’t see how this broke and broken moral sewer of a nation can last much longer but maybe it will. Life is for the living and the young will have the world that they want. And man, they’re welcome to it because I just want no part of it anymore. I don’t say this in a bitter way at all. It’s an amicable split. The world is done with me and I’m done with it. Works out perfectly.


  6. Man, if a serious alcoholic wanted to kick the bottle, he’d just have to get hammered and wake up next to that thing. Once he stopped screaming, he’d be cured for life!


  7. Dude/It/thing/whatever you are, I say this with all sincerity and the best of intentions:

    Suicide is the answer.


  8. Typical neurotic,ugly drag-queen that thinks it’s beautiful! The Liberal Jews are behind this again…promoting “homosexuality” for the plebian Goyim masses (but not for themselves). At least the Orthodox Jews are more honest, they openly discourage this ,even in Israel. These weirdo freaks also are appearing in today’s Israel, and that’s half of Israel’s problems, a clash of values…and this “Euro” disease is spreading to America, and encourage by left-wing trendies, especially No 1 Faggot President Obama and his drag-queen wife, Michael, oops I mean “Michelle” (LOL) bye bye American pie


  9. “Hey Alexandria baby, ur sooo hot. I know of an awesome little hideaway we can go into and make out:


    Just hop in the “love booth” and be sure to shut the door. I’ll be back with some weed soon, and then we can get down to business, my wild little vixen.”

    (turns gas valve on)


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