Just Don’t Aim For His Balls. You Won’t Hit Anything



  1. hahaha. i welcome this continued and increasing insanity. honestly, otaku-sperg-progs, PLEASE BRING THAT SHIT. it hastens the end of the current system. and, as told to us by the wise sages semisonic: “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”


  2. Preaching murder and anti-white Genocide. And proud of it. I wonder when the ‘hate speech’ charges will come……

    Clearly: Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-white.

    Yep. Diversity means chasing down the last white person. Diversity means White Genocide.


  3. His comment makes perfect sense. He already knows by dent of his ugly looks and low T that he’s been removed from the gene pool. No woman, no matter how fat and ugly would allow his noodle anywhere near them. So his solution is to take out his angst on those men whose sperms is still desired by fertility females. Classic Omega rage


  4. This sounds like a joke, some psycho bitch who probably can’t open a can or swat a fly talking about mass executions on social media, but if you look more closely, you can see a small glimpse of a very ugly future. I’m not real big on Marxist/neocon-style “lessons of History”, but there are a few lessons that history does seem to teach, and here’s one of them;

    When someone says that they want to kill you, believe them.

    Genocides almost never come out of nowhere. There are almost always years or even decades of talk, chatter, “jokes”, legal action etc. ever increasing in intensity, prior to the actual start of the killing, aimed at demonizing the target group, disarming them, dehumanizing them, cutting off all routes of escape, and finally wiping them out. We see this in 1930’s Germany, Stalin’s USSR, Rwanda, Mao’s China, and in the “New” South Africa. And now it’s started here.

    This chick, and her cuck collaborator, are just freaks, but they are tapping into something in our culture that is real, and really dangerous.

    Keep your guns by your sides, and your car gassed up. The next 20 years are going to be ….interesting.

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    1. You’re absolutely right.

      This is why we need to start talking among ourselves about what we’re going to do to our adversaries.

      We need to be more open about it.


      1. As you can see by the events of the last 24 hours and the shooting of the news crew by a disgruntled employee, the media is nearly hysterical in their desire to disarm white men. I mean, the bodies of their comrades (heh!) weren’t even cold, and they are already shrieking for more gun control. Our first task is to not let this happen, As long as we are armed, we’re at least somewhat safe. If our enemies ever succeed in disarming us, things will move with surprising, horrifying speed.


    1. “Baby Jesus”?! WTF is that?!

      I just want my social status-enhancing tools to help me attention whore or get laid for Christmas! Fuck you, mom & dad, for slowing my ascent on the carousel!

      Also, check out the thumbnail for the “was supposed to get a car..I didn’t get a car..yup” on lower-right side. Jungle fever needs wheels, yo.


  5. Classic Omega rage. Dough boy has already been removed from the gene pool – so his rage is now directed against those whose seed is still desired by fertile females.
    I say bring it Dough boy !


    1. Ohhh isn’t it so ironic..such a BIG DEAL is made in the Jewish run media of how Melvin Gibson dared made an “anti-semetic” comment to some hooknosed cop, whilst no mention was made about the way Mel endangered other people’s lives with his dangerous, out of control drink-driving, but that dosen’t count, because outside that hooknosed cop, the other yokel-locals are just “Goyim Untermenschen”: and are worth less than the chosen race, including Mr Gibson !


  6. This photo was ”Straight outta Compton”:
    Late 50's early mid 60's Compton CA
    Back when it was White.
    Remember what you saw last year with Ferguson? Similar Christmas decorations. I hope Whiskey’s grandfather Real Estate Agent Ira Sheckelgruber made lots of money selling Compton to the Africans that spawned N.W.A.
    Hey, at least the Mexicans are an improvement, right Whiskey?


  7. I’m pretty sure if we line up anti-white people starting with white traitors & start shooting, things will improve before we reach people of color.
    (Same with modern feminists and their white knight male enablers.)


  8. So this Roxie chick likes colored men..why not me honey? I’m a Muslim convert–I’m not an Anglo-Saxon turd (like this Martin big red is), you can suck my Turkish cut cock anytime baby, while I’ll help you kill Martin Big Red and Donna the Dyke and Serge the Russian Pig…Ha Ha


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