1. In all these ads and commercials, the boy is always black and the girl always white. Black parents only have sons and white parents only have daughters. Hollywood has known this for years and feeds us this propaganda relentlessly.


    1. They know, I imagine, that this is a type of genocide. That it’s a latent, dangerous impulse control issue, and that once the damage is done–i.e., Barack Obama in tow–that girl is out of the gene pool for whites forever.


    1. The comments didn’t fail to disappoint, either.
      Q:”What would you do?”
      A:”Support him.”
      (two seconds later):”Ohshit! I mean SUPPORT HER/THEM/IT!”


  2. The funny thing is that the black kid will likely be using a backpack like that when he’s going for his GED at 22. Part of black culture in the ghetto is wearing cartoon backpacks made for 5-year-olds.


  3. I have been telling you guys it is nonstop HARDCORE on Disney. Disney is the leader of this push to brainwash young girls. Every one of their shows features a black boy/pretty white girl relationship. It’s not just a part of the Disney thing — it is THE entire purpose of every show.

    Disney is the miscegenation/you don’t need no white man subsidiary of the Cathedral, Inc.

    I took the time to create an awesome comment one time complete with screen shots from every show, but it did not make it through mod.


    1. What pisses you off more:

      A white dude with a black woman?
      Or a black guy with a white woman?

      One produces a mudblood, eh, whatever.
      The other latches down a white woman with a mudblood, forever tainting her.


  4. Readers/Bloggers please watch Brother Nathaniel Kapner (an ex Jew like myself) and see how the hooknosed scumbags helped destroy America and turn America into a nation of mixed-raced faggotts, starting with mixed race Faggott President-Barack Hussein Obama and his drag queen wife and his “missing” Hawaiian Birth Certificate- Brother Nathaniel can update you guys on all the FACTS (including info on Obama’s boyfriend in Chicago-where this guy admitted giving President Obama -a blowjob) and as for that Hilary Clinton-she’s a known butch dyke and muff-diver from long standing, all detailed in David Icke’s books over the past 20 years. Great reading/viewing and hilarious what these wonderful liberals get up to behind closed doors…


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