Rorschach Test

Do you see two women playing a prank, or two women practicing their roles as future mothers?



  1. I am a big believer in faces dictating a lot of personality. Both are not natural blondes and both have that mudshark face. They both are wearing prole jeans with t-shits and tacky hair. It’s a good assumption that they are fully indoctrinated in the morality or modernity. So only two possibilities exist.

    1)The school handed out these babies to them as a class project with these being the only choice or the only choices left and they are parading them in pictures as a laugh (good or bad).

    2)They had the option and chose the black ones to fit in with whatever looney bin school they go to. Pictures represent the privilege and honor of being open minded to the admiring Facebook friends.

    This is basically it.

    White people today suffer from an advanced form of Truman Show itus in the extreme. Except in the disease form the subjects know they are on camera. Every deed and even thought is considered through the lens of will the pc mafia or facebook clown people approve. Think about it. There are a sizeable number of whites who will always side with the other even in private because their inner Jimminy Cricket tells them that not doing so will make them evil. It is insanity on a mass scale. 50 years of hammering our people with self loathing and scorn upon the simpletons who love God, their people and history tends to have this effect. Scorn is the most powerful social mover and with the emancipation of women in all forms of society, the only real mover. If all of a sudden it was trashy to be with the Other or weird to be gay, everyone would soon follow suit. This is why democracy is a crock and easily manipulative, especially with the franchising of women.


  2. A commenter in another thread blamed this on the media, for hiding black dysfunction from the naive masses. I’ll ask this: Do these two traitors imagine these babies had IKAGO fathers, or Shitheadaviouses with their pants under their ass?
    The media don’t hide nigger culture; they celebrate it. That’s why these girls are sidling up to it.


  3. I see two woman more interested in displaying their moral status over other whites than addressing reality and being responsible to their interests.

    Why do these white anti-whites not understand it is profoundly immoral and contemptible to destroy yourself for status.

    A sign of cringing weakness, not strength.


  4. I see a movie idea. “Choco-Chuckys” -Two mudsharks dolls become possessed by the spirits of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Hilarity ensues.

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    1. Not to rip off the movie Robocop but….I’d buy that for a dollar! You sir should be scriptwriting in hollywood. Your idea is much better than anything that has hit the big screen in a while.


  5. What boggles the mind is that most of those whites who are replacing the white race with anything non-white are the same who are obsessed with protecting endangered species of birds, flowers, animals.

    How can their mind understand it is a tragedy when a species of bird, animal or flowers goes extinct but making the white race go extinct ( or very close anyway ) is so unimportant to them they do not even think about it.

    What is that mental derangement that makes them incapable of seeing the damage they are causing to the white race? and the damage this is causing to the greatest civilization in the history of the world?


  6. I see to women with absent fathers.

    Never underestimate the importance of a strong father in a white woman’s life.


    1. Programmed by society to say those things/to deny sexual attraction to alpha men. But of course as anyone can see, those, err, qualities, as she describes them, are not what attractive women reinforce with their sexual choices. Anyway, she does not appear attractive, and what she has written is not going to interest too many guys with enough self-esteem to see themselves as having options.

      Recently I was around some mid-30s women who were talking about going dancing together, when one said something like ‘Oh not there — too many lecherous men’ — I thought ‘Yeah, what could be worse than being around men who take a sexual interest in women’. Yet these same women do speed dating and other bullshit trying to meet someone. Good luck.


    2. WHAT A CATCH i think that i might be one that could get along with her very well because yeah um cause i think punctuation and capitalization is for losers and racists SAME THING HA

      see how quirky and unique i am
      i think that emoticons are a tool of the patriarchy because they are always yellow and never the fecal colors such as brown
      i am a major is chicanafro studies and i like to violate my rental contract by letting my cat shit on the carpet too stick it to the man cause the property owner was white anyhow

      i think we may be a match made in hyrule =^..^= meow


    3. Lots of chicks have this shit in their profile/will still bang even if you’re pretty blatant about your views. Shit one of them from back home flew out and stayed with me for a week just so she could suck my peter and clean my house. She would cringe at the phrase “white culture” and my zeal for defending it but still begged me to tie her to the couch. Fuckin cooz.


  7. Chicks with “psychology majors” are dime a dozen, yet there is f**K all young chicks these days who know how to cook like grandma (for your information, I do my own organic cooking) . I’m glad I converted to Islam, now that’s a growing religion !!!


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