Lean On



  1. fail.
    look at the height of that wall. look at how smooth that wall is. A man could not climb it alone. This is a training exercise on lifting someone else over the wall.


    1. Agreed. Most men could not scale this without a running start and as it’s made out of wood, clearly that isn’t the intention here. The point is made about a bunch of beta knights assisting a woman, but I’m w/ zodak on this one. Argue that a woman will have a hard time helping a man up this wall (or any) and you got a valid point. I’d prefer to see that photo in fairness. (The ecclesiastical man hands helping her not withstanding).


    2. This could be done with 2 men. One boosts the other on to his shoulders via using his knee as a step, then the guy stands up, and the guy on his shoulders grabs the top.


    3. I was just going to leave the same comment. I understand the point of this post, but not even an in-shape man could scale that wall on his own.


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