The Family Cuck

The gruesome Christo-ethnomasochistic details. That dindu-in-training with the mohawk is smiling because he knows how much fun he’ll have tormenting the two white kids.



  1. LOL dey gibben dem away and the dumb cucks be taken em!

    Like they were adopting a litter of dogs or something.
    God be with you idiots, and your ridiculous dindu family.


  2. Such enlightened and loving people! Surely they have found more favor with God than had they adopted poor white kids from say…. their own state.

    But no. God told them to go to Africa and adopt 8 African children.

    Maybe he’ll tell some wealthy Africans to go to Tennessee and adopt 8 pasty cracker kids. He works in mysterious ways, indeed.


    1. You can tell the Dad is ill at ease with the situation – he’s body language, tone and eyes give it away. She KNOWs this and is just torturing him for sport.


  3. For one thing they’ve left themselves no margin for error:
    ”The couple added that their grocery bill has now tripled to around $700, which was initially a struggle due to Hayley giving up her job.”
    What happens if HE loses his job? These days, unless someone has a government position, (he does, but being a White Male, if the gov needs to make room for an AA he’ll be the odd man out).
    Her physical/mental stability: As you read through the story, you’ll notice that every waking moment for her is dealing with that suddenly enlarged family. If she snaps (or becomes ill) from the stress and constant work suddenly he’s going to have to take up some of the slack.
    Something similar has happened in FL:
    ”Pat met his first wife, Jill, during his time in Chicago. They married in 1973 and divorced in 1996, being the parents of 19 children, five biological and 14 adopted from four nations between 1983 and 1993.[1] His daughter Karyn is a Christian singer,[4] and son Bobby a manager in the Washington Nationals farm system.[3] In 1997, he married his current wife Ruth”
    What Whackopedia fails to mention was WHY Jill divorced, with that many kids she was doing housework constantly. She couldn’t take it anymore.
    His employer will probably do what they can to accommodate his needs, but there will be a point where they will have no choice but to say ”get your family problems squared away, or turn in your resignation”.
    Also is the possibility of physical/sexual abuse; Can you say ”Josh Duggar?”. They actually handled it quite well, they believed the claims of the girls and had a relative that could take in Josh for a while.
    Finally is the story of that ‘gofundme’ account. If gofundme changes it terms (and likely other online begging sites will also do so) that source of extra funds dries up instantly.


  4. I wish I knew why my people – white people – are committing suicide…
    Why a whole race, a whole civilization is voluntarily choosing to be replaced by another one that has never come up with a written language or the wheel.

    This has never happened before.

    it boggles the mind.


    1. White guilt. When I was a good liberal boy I’d have considered adopting one of these “underprivileged” blacks. (By virtue of their race alone, racist in itself I know.)

      But one day I did volunteering for college and I saw a white female elementary teacher and her class of diverse students, lots of blacks and a few Asians, some Indians and Hispanics. Zero whites. It was then that it dawned on me that we are effectively being replaced. The white teacher just represented to me how we are not only allowing, but encouraging it to happen.


  5. I wonder how many For Sale signs went up in their neighborhood after the ‘Great Eight’ arrived at their new home in WhiteyTown, TN. Father should take his white sons, divorce that nut of a wife, change his name, and move West. those poor white boys are in for a world of hurt, sad.


      From Whackopedia:
      ”Pat met his first wife, Jill, during his time in Chicago. They married in 1973 and divorced in 1996, being the parents of 19 children, five biological and 14 adopted from four nations between 1983 and 1993.”. What Whackopedia doesn’t mention is WHY Jill quit. She burned out from the nonstop housework, no privacy and demands of all those children. The 14 came from Korea, China, Romania and Russia.
      Which, if you read the link under the pic, is what this woman has subjected herself to – but worse, because it’s a troop of niglets. What could go wrong?
      1. She breaks down, wants out (see above).
      2. Chimps gonna chimp – inevitable.
      3. HE loses his job. Not every local government employee is a gold-plated dindu. In fact either budget cuts (because they can’t get rid of the gold-plated dindus) or poor job performance (due to having to deal with that jumbo family) could do it.
      4. ‘gofundme’ says ”Our new TOS no longer allows fundraising for adoption/family assistance” or the inevitable drying up of donations.
      Praying to stop a trainwreck won’t stop a trainwreck.


    1. That Sam’s club in that video is 5 minutes from my house. We spent a long time finding a nice community. We spent a lot of money getting it here. These people are not my kin or countryman. They are as foreign to me as Vulcans. To knowingly move here to be away from the filth that has overwhelmed large parts of Nashville in order to live in the peace and comfort we have created here and yet still bring this madness here is a criminal offense. They are stealing from their neighbors in lost equity and crappier schools. They are making the neighborhoods and schools less safe. They are unraveling the already dismal sense of community that pervades this nation. And they do it with a smile and expect approval from us. To hell with them.This is not Christain. They could give two stitls about poor local kids in foster care.

      This is why order has to be restored. Democracy does not equal order. Libertarianism, individualism, etc. are all extreme forms of disorder. In times past (and very recently I would add) the people in a community would have shunned them in the extreme. Run them out of town. We are all connected in this life and have a minimal obligation to each other, with that obligation growing the closer to home one gets. This makes me more sick that most things on here.


      1. I’m one of those individualist, libertarian types you decry. However, I agree 100% with you about neighborliness and neighborhoods. Reasonable people want to live and work with other reasonable people. This is what makes a neighborhood worth living in. Housing is the single largest investment 95% of the population makes in the course of a lifetime. People have the right and vested interest in defending the value of this investment, not to mention being able to live where you do not have to look over your back all the time. Get the wrong people in a neighborhood and millions of dollars in equity can evaporate overnight.

        I (my wife and I) have recently moved in order to escape the unpleasantness of noisy neighbors. Anytime we have moved, we have always considered it our responsibly to “fit in” and to be decent, reasonable neighbors that others can feel comfortable around. this is called being a “good” neighbor.


    2. also check out the thumbed down vs thumbs up ratio.

      Americans get it. We don’t need to wake up. We are enslaved (or unable to control what’s put on our TVs). Every comment section on libtard propaganda that does not get deleted or censored shows it.


  6. These turds live 15 minutes from me in the quintessential white flight town. Seriously. Everyone around them will hate them. What the heck is wrong with these people? They moved there because they like the safe, non-vibrant area, but love to lord over others and break the social order to show out. What idiots. What pieces of garbage. Libertarians and the like have succeeded in making people believe they owe nothing to anyone other than themselves. To hel with these people. These 8 alone will ruin a new school just built. They will make millions of dollars in property values go down. There is also a TON of white kids or at least American kids sitting in foster care in Nashville. But no let’s import these clowns. I pity these kids, but I cannot stand what filth this country has created, especially among those who should know better.

    Funny thing is, when is the last time you saw a black couple adopting 8 African kids??

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  7. Extreme vanity = insanity

    Seems like an inordinate amount of trouble and risk for a few churchian status points and a pat on the head from their Talmudic masters …. But really …. If God told them to do it, who are we to judge?

    P.S. What a tragic waste of a genuinely attractive woman.

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  8. Kid didn’t have a Mowhawk while in the Orphanage. He is sending a very clear signal to the other kids in school and society at large….Hes not grateful, he’s here to cause trouble.


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