A Celebration Of Female Empowerment



  1. What’s even more disgusting than this, are the massive numbers of men who think that this is attractive and think that Rousey would stand a chance against a man with some training. It’s like they’ve been brainwashed to ignore their dick.

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      1. Who? Ive never heard of her beating up one ufc fighter. I doubt she could even take on contender in a lesser known regional mma league.

        Just cause joe rogan says she can fight men, doesnt necessary mean its true.

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      2. Please provide proof of that bullshit statement. If Rousey had actually won a fight against a man (and no jewboy training does not count) then we’d have all heard of it.


      1. Who? Fallon Fox?

        it’s a bait and switch assertion.

        Rousey is a world class Judo player and has beaten lower ranking men IN A JUDO MATCH. only problem is, judo and MMA are wildly different animals.

        Rousey looks like molasses compared to the men in her weight class. i might agree that she could beat some men in lower weight classes than hers … but there is only one such weight class for men, Flyweight. have you seen how fast Demetrius Johnson and John Dodson are? they practically teleport around the ring.

        i don’t think she could beat a male top 10 Flyweight, much less the Bantams that weigh the same she does.


  2. I know plenty of beer swilling out of shape manboobs who think Rousey would beat several of the top male fighters, and would dominate anyone else, man or woman Despite having skills comparable to the average 15 year old boy with 2 months of training. Of course these guys have never trained a day in their lives, have no idea why weight classes exist, and have never seen women try to fight men.

    And Rousey has not beaten any high ranked men. She does get manhandled by unranked nobodies in training though.


  3. It takes an entire team of people to lift some woman over a wall. How will she perform in a time of real need? #GenderEquality kills indirectly.


      1. “Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome: The historical tendency of the first female to accomplish something men already do to kill herself in the process.”


    1. Seriously what IS this picture??? Is this really 10 guys helping one woman over a obstacle??/

      This is a picture for the insanity, and the decline. What fools. Its time to point out the Obvious.


    1. Then after seeing the sign, one of their progressive allies complained that straight cis white males now have the privilege of being slapped for free.


  4. One of the greatest MMA fighter of all time on Women’s MMA. Russian legend Fedor Emelianenko.


    “Women shouldn’t compete in UFC/MMA because this sport is for men,” Emelianenko said through his interpreter. “There are a lot of sports where women look like women – like gymnastics, water sports, maybe some athletics.”

    “a woman must be a domestic goddess, raise her children and be feminine. There are a lot of different sports which help her in that, but MMA is not one of them.”

    The face of a true alpha male:


  5. I also get tired of women endlessly posting photos of themselves at some “Tough Mudder” event or another. Also, I do not find images of sweaty, dirty women very sexy, and so really wonder who these photos (as well as the images of women at fast-paced aerobics classes) are for. I know a lot of that involves in-group herd mentality, and maybe is not directed at men. Maybe that turns on beta males or something, who never really workout and sweat. Any real man who is active to the point of sweating (be it a job, hobby, or exercise) knows that there is nothing sexy about sweating. Although I can see how a sweaty man may turn women on, because it shows that he is physical, strong, active, etc.


  6. I was recently at a bar that had women’s MMA on one of the TVs. I tried to ignore it because the mere idea of women brutalizing each other like this makes me sick, but I couldn’t help but see the disgusting sight of one warrior princess punching the left ear nearly clear off the head of the other warrior princess. No joke. Ear almost amputated. They actually let the fight go on for another round, blood everywhere and this chick’s ear dangling off her head. Then they finally stopped the fight and the almost-earless chick went bananas and had a meltdown.



  7. I think Northern Europeans prefer their women a little less dainty. It’s the Pioneer Woman archetype. But this MMA and other grrrrllllpower stuff is a bullshit substitute for real female strength, which rests alongside purity and a moral center as being an attractive quality.


  8. So what kind of guy could she beat up? I think its an interesting question. Certainly not any guy with fighting experience, but she’d wollop your average male democrat.


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